Thursday, October 11, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Pile In, Whip Coils, Area Terrain

Final a few rules that I've been waiting for came into effect last night.

Pile in 40k6 pg 23.

These moves follow the same rules as moving charging models, except that they are not slowed by difficult terrain (though it may still trigger Dangerous Terrain tests).

Context: C'tan's Writhing Worldscape was in effect.  The entire piece of terrain above was considered difficult terrain.  Genestealers charged through it to assault wraiths.

p.s. I've been waiting for this situation with Writhing Worldscape for a Long time.

Whip Coils Necron FAQ Officel Update 6th ed v1.1

Q: If a Canoptek Wraith with whip coils is slain by enemy models not in base contact and at a higher Initiative step, when do the enemy models that were initially in base contact and affected by the whip coils (and therefore reduced to Initiative 1) actually fight? (p44)
A: The effects of the whip coils/lash whips take place at the beginning of the Fight sub-phase and last until the end of the Assault phase, so the affected models would still fight at Initiative step 1 that turn.

Context: Trygon Prime wounded enough wraiths to remove one from base-to-base with Hive Tyrant.  Matt asked if Hive Tyrant can go at its normal Initiative step.  Informed no, Necron FAQ covered it.

Area Terrain 40k6 pg, specifically Go to Ground

Area Terrain is always difficult terrain.  Models in area terrain receive a 5+ cover save, regardless of whether tor not they are 25% obscured.  Models that Go to Ground in area terrain receive +2 to their cover save, rather than +1.

Context:  During the 1500 pt Dark Vengeance Tournament a couple of Sat ago Connor brought this up.  Ended up using it the next day when he was using his Orks Dakka Jets shooting at Necron Warriors on objective.

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