Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Magnetize Bases

Had a little bit of time on my hands Thurs evening.  Decided to do some work on models which I might need in the immediate future.  FOYCON!  We're going to a GT, Bryan!

Models.  Magnets, Gale Force 9 grey stuff and Loctite superglue.  Honestly this is the best superglue I've ever worked with.  Would thank again but it might come off incredulous.

As always giving credit where credit is due.  Suijin taught me this almost 3 years ago now.  He also gave me the magnets.  Thank you.

Gale Force 9 grey stuff.

Apply a drop of superglue adhering the grey stuff to the base.  Later I'll remember where to put the superglue.

After applying grey stuff over superglue press magnet into grey stuff.

Dot of superglue.

Grey stuff.

It's here I remember that the magnet comes off the grey stuff.  Not grey stuff came off base.  After applying superglue on base to grey stuff applied another dot of superglue on grey stuff for magnet.  Ran into this problem with my Noir Engel army.

Both squads of Wraiths,  C'tan, Imotekh and Orikan (my warlord) magnetized.

Did you have your V8 today?

slainte mhath


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