Monday, October 22, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 13

Time to paint the sponsons, again.  Didn't like how the sponsons turned out after the first time.  The Matt White was too watery and mixed with the previous layers too easily.  Decided to start over.

Figured out instead of holding the sponson and getting paint all on fingers and smudging it I'd use the sponson arm.  Worked extremely well.

Painted for about 6 hours Sat.

Look at that.  Based Balor Brown and drybrushed Ubshabti Bone.  Turned out damn well.

Drybrushed Matt White.  Almost a 100% match.

Bottom mount also looking damn well.

Decided to use same tech to paint sponson arm.  Surprised this didn't occur to me first time I was painting them.  Had paint all over my fingers.

Like it a lot.

Time for them twin-linked lascannons.  Pulled out one from my Noir Engel army for inspiration.

Metal bits based Boltgun Metal.

Leviathan Purple wash.  Dryrbrushed Chainmail for that metal shine.

Skull Brassy Brass.  Lascannon tips and targeters first layer of Dark Angels Green.

Badab Black, Army Painter Dark Tone, over skull.  Second layer of Dark Angels Green.  Looks great.

First highlight. 1:5 Bad Moon Yellow and Dark Angels Green on edges of Dark Angels Green.

Close up of highlight on edges of targeter and upper side of lascannon tip.

Second highlight 3:5 Bad Moon Yellow and Dark Angels Green over first highlight.

Close up of second highlight.  Second highlight only goes halfway over the first highlight.

Sponsons done.  Completed those details on the twin-linked Heavy Bolter.

slainte mhath

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