Monday, October 15, 2012

12.10.12 3k Necrons & Chaos Space Marines vs Eldar & Chaos Space Marines

Had a rare night off Friday roleplaying.  Have learned something about roleplayers.  They don't do well under short deadlines.  Kind of like herding a room of cats.

Close up of top of sixth.

Ended up playing at Shawn's.  It was a quite a drive.  Plenty of time to get to know my buddy Bryan more.

Mission: Crusade.  Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.

It was 1500 points a player.  Shawn's boy Lawrence and I against Shawn and Bryan.  Damn, we learned about allies in that fight.  Correction 12.10.29 Eldar and Chaos Space Marines are Come the Apocalypse.  Necrons and Chaos Space Marines are Allies of Convenience.  Turns out Writhing Worldscape wouldn't have affected my Chaos buddy, which I thought they would.  Read the chart on pg 113 40k6. 

Eldar and Chaos Space Marines deployment.

Necron and Chaos Space Marines deployment

Top of first.  Chaos come across river.  Rhino's pop smoke in shooting phase.  Couple of stray shots here and there.  Nothing too much because of wonder twin powers.

Bottom of first.  Destroyer Lord wrecks one Rhino.  Little more shooting nothing really.

Bottom of second.  Time for some pain.  Eldar and Chaos have pushed foward into Necron and Chaos side.  So far Necron and Chaos are holding.  Unfortunately Necron and Chaos aren't able to do enough to halt Eldar and Chaos.

Top of third. Plague Bearer champion challenges Abaddon.  Abaddon tears the marine apart.  War Walkers come in on side and shoot at my spyders.  This cannot stand.  Need to make an example of those who pick on my spyders.

Close up of bottom of third

Bottom of third.  Scarabs shred War Walkers down to their constituent parts.  That is another thing I've been looking foward to since reading Entropic Strike.  Assaulting a vehicle squadron and reducing them to nothing.  Will also experience another thing I've been waiting regarding entropic strike but will forget something very important.  Eldar and Chaos have a huge lead on VP.  Necron and Chaos only have first bloog VP.

Bottom of fourth.  Keep forgetting to run C'tan.  Big olde mess.  Avatar has challenged Abaddon.  A lot of points are doing nothing.  Eldar with warlocks along with Plague Bearers watch Avatar fight Abaddon.  I say Abaddon will win only because of the number of times I've seen the Avatar do nothing.  I didn't count Fortune apart of this.

Bottom of fifth.  C'tan moves up but doesn't make its charge roll

Close up top of sixth.  Wraithlord and other shooting removes C'tan from field.

Bottom of sixth.  Avatar kills Abaddon.  Seriously didn't take Fortune into account.  Avatar was able to reroll a lot of saves.

Before even bothering to roll for turn 7 Bryan suggested should we just call it.  It wouldn't been just sweeping up after taking out key units.  Good fun.

Would've been a loss 9-4 Eldar and Chaos Space Marines.



Shawn gave me another box of Grey Knights for painting his Eldar.  Only a couple more and payment for them will be done.

slainte mhath


  1. Necrons and Chaos Space Marines are Allies of Convenience, not "Come the Apocalypse", while Eldar and Chaos Space Marines are Desperate Allies.

    1. Thank you very much, Anon 6:04pm. Clearly misread the symbol.


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