Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Magnetize Weapons

It can be troublesome indicating a weapon has been destroyed.  One can to use magnets to take weapons off when they've been destroyed.

Potential problem I thought when magnetizing not being able to move the weapons on the sponsons.  Happy to say the lack of superglue doesn't really affect the sponsons ability to rotate the weapon.  This not something I want the winner of the Ebay auction to suffer from when using this model.

Put magnet on top and bottom.  These are in specific places so weapons can't be accidentally be put on the wrong side.

Large bore for magnet seat.

Found it's useful to use a row of magnets to determine which end to glue to the weapon.

Other end of queue in sponson chassis.

Bottom done.

Magnet is flush with plastic to allow as close as connect as possible.

Width of magnet and drill is quite important.

Never used her for anything else than modelling.  Pretty sure motor would burn out if used for real stuff.
Close up of seeing how magnet fits into bore.  Can see it a little bit.  Plan is for it to be flush with the sponson chassis.

Business side of magnets on sponson.

Other weapon sponson just for fun.

Magnetised to hull.  Fits great.

Rotates without trouble.

Mounting points of right sponson.  Similar to pic above.

Love when there's more than one side to do.  Learn so much from the first time pics are better second time. p.s thank you, Tallarn.

Can see which side of the magnet you want to glue into the sponson.  Which is useful.  If you've worked with magnets on both sides you might appreciate this.

Flush and looking great after a little trimming.  Damn you, plastic.  /shakes fist

Drop of Loctite Superglue, thank you, Joe, into the hole.  Don't need a lot.  Just a drop on one side.  It will fill the gap the magnet doesn't.

Time for top.  Same deal as bottom.  (Bottom's always come first.  Does anyone get that?)  Really like how it's easy to tell which side of the magnet to superglue to the sponson.  Love its simplicity.

Top done.

Right side done.

slainte mhath

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