Monday, October 15, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Out of Sight, Overwatch Vehicles, Transports and Assaults

Covered a rule was waiting for and learned couple more.

Hurrah for blurry pic!

Out of Sight 40k6 pg 16

If there are no visible models in the target unit, all remaining Wounds in the pool are lost and the shooting attack ends.

Context:  During first turn of 3k game Havoc squad could see one wraith that was visible.  If it was the only model visible and died before the Wound Pool was exhausted all other wounds would not have hit Destroyer Lord or other wraiths.  (However laser pointer indicated that Destroyer Lord could be seen from targeting unit.  Rule was not put into effect)  I'm personally looking forward to this rule coming in effect some game.

Side note: Yay!  No more JFK bullets like in 5th.

Vehicles and Overwatch 40k6 pg 76

Unless specified otherwise, vehicles cannot make Overwatch fire -- it takes too long to bring their weapons to bear.

Context:  3k game Destroyer Lord with Canoptek Wraiths assaulted a Plague Marine Rhino.  It was asked if vehicles can perform overwatch.

Transports and Assaults 40k6 pg 80

If a Transport vehicle is assaulted, an embarked unit can fire Overwatch at the attackers out its Fire Points.

Context:  Destroyer Lord and Canoptek Wraiths were assaulting aforementioned Plague Marine Rhino.  We learned the embarked Plague Marines could perform Overwatch on the assaulting Necron unit.  Two Marines were able to shoot due to Rhino having 1 fire point.

slainte mhath


  1. checked rule book, now in 6th edition only one model per fire point

    1. Great information. Do you have a page number for our future readers?

    2. 6th CSM pg 54 Chaos Rhino Fire Points: Two models can fire from the top hatch.


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