Monday, October 8, 2012

How to make pivoting Hunter Killer Missile

I prefer to have as many moving parts on a model as possible.  By design GW models normally don't have many moving parts.  My Deathwing Land Raiders Hunter Killer Missiles pivot.  Who am I to deny that to the bidder who wins the auction?

Tools I used.  Needle nose pilers, pin vice (the best modelling tool I own), clippers, superglue (thank you, Joe) and of course the humble paper clip.

With the best modelling tool I own drilled a hole through the top of the hull and bottom of the Hunter Killers base.

Here she is.  The most humble, most useful tool I own.  She has helped me more than any other.

Something I've picked up from pinning.  Cut the paper clip at an angle it's easier to fish through drilled hole.

Drilled a hole in the end of the missile launcher.  Give it that extra bit of realisism.

Snip off excess.

Bend pin with needle nose pilers or butt of modelling knife.  Snip off excess.  Want to make sure the pin underneath doesn't interfere with surroundings so it can't spin 360.

Ready to be fired.

Spun and aimed.

Pointing backwards indicating its been fired.

How to Paint Deathwing Land Raider

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