Sunday, October 28, 2012

Necrons Crypteks part 2

Traded an unpainted assembled Chaos Spawn from some 10 years ago for my fifth Cryptek.  Upon transaction Bryan said "I hope I never have to use it (spawn)."  Which I replied "I hope that is the result of the first roll on your Chaos Champion table."  Bryan's response "F you!"  Which made me laugh.

Jon Kovalic's Armour Black Primer for the fifth one's base.  Applying ballast, rocks on base, before basecoating is advantageous.

Tin Bitz and Warplock Bronze for undercoat.

Close of up undercoat.

First wash of Dark Tone, Badab Black.

Close up of first wash.

Second wash of Dark Tone.

Close up of second wash.  Hasn't dried yet.

slainte mhath


  1. looks like a rock concert, can't wait to see them done!

    1. That's funny. Should be done sometime this week.


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