Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Detail and Basing or Light at the end of the tunnel

As Spyrle said.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Haven't been handed another set of Eldar to paint so this is the light at the end of this tunnel.  If there's another tunnel it won't be nearly as long.  Finished one month ahead of schedule!  Quite happy.  Curious if I should try to use that as a "bonus" for more Grey Knights.  /tapping points of fingers together

This work went by fast.  Yeah it was 6 hrs of work.  Cleaned up a few things.  Matted Swooping Hawks that I somehow missed.  It was a good time.

Shawn likes to mix up the model so they don't look the same.  Figured I'd help him out by inverting his Craftworld symbol.

This is the detail part of the work.

Exactly as Spyrle asked some posts ago.  Windshields?  Couple of games ago Shawn tossed me a gerber container and asked me if I could use them.  I think he meant for my own modelling.  When I said yes and said I could put them on his skimmers and war walkers he had this look like something dawned on him.  Finally complete skimmers.  Had to cut off most of the stems and glue them directly onto the model.  Did this a couple of weekends ago while watching A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.  Movie was ok.  Russian mob boss daughter was smoking!

Now onto basing.  There will be a "How to" in 2 hrs.

Close up of Avatar's feet.  Wanted to do something different with his basing.  Not have the grass right on his feet.  Figured the heat from his molten body would burn or wilt grass away.  Turned out much better than expected.  Also surprisingly easy to do.

Wanted to do something different for Rangers.  Thought about cutting up q-tip stems and gluing grass to them for cover but that would be outside of Shawn and I's agreement on modelling.  He probably would not have mind it.  That will be something for my Pathfinders.  Used straight grass not a mix of Stepple Grass and Grey Mash like the other models basing.

Close up of Jain-Zar's left leg.  Wanted to keep the flash supporting her leg.  Made that mistake on mine by cutting it off.  Ended up gluing a mineral to the base to support that foot.  Put glue on that part of the model and used only the grass not a mix.

Critique away.

To me!  150 hours.  Next Orikan the Diviner.  Starting him a day ahead of schedule.  I'm very happy.  There are some Canoptek Spyders, Night Scythes that need some love.  Will see soon if Shawn has the rest of his Eldar for me to paint.

Turns out Shawn has Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions, Harlequins and another elite for me to paint.  Hopes to get them to me soon.  Should be able to finish those guys in two weeks.

slainte mhath

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