Friday, August 10, 2012

12.8.7 Eldar Falcon and Wave Serpent

Last where we left off.

Almost actual progress in this post.

One would almost be surprised by the shield emitters of the Wave Serpent.  Didn't occur to me that they has specific places on the model.  Makes sense after I started putting them on.  I really want to buy one of these for my Eldar army.  Of course that would just be an avalanche of money towards an army I probably won't use on the table in more than a year.  Should put that money towards Grey Knights or the other version of my Necron Orikan/Writhing Worldscape army.

Again I'm a sucker for moving parts.  The turret and gun pod both move.  You'll probably notice they move throughout the following pics.  Which of course is bad.  The basing missed part of the hull that was covered by the gun pod.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cleaned up ready for the next part.

Time for basing!

Spray painted Army Painter Colour Primer Uniform Grey.

Once again got ahead of myself.  Started Surf Aqua before tech penning model.

This Wave Serpent is going to have more panels painted blue.  This will be a noticeable increase from previous models.

Falcon is up for attention.  Going to paint these together instead of one at a time.  Usually I only do this for squads.  Figured it doesn't matter since it will be the same amount of time either way.  Plus I can use the paint in the wet pallet without adding more or wasting it.

Tech penned.  My 01 tech pen is either getting gunked up with Grey Primer or its dieing.  Had to use the 005.  The black lines separating the panels aren't as bold still does the job though.  Need to pick me up more of those pens.  It's been awhile since I've been to Blick.

This Sat and Sun are going to be awesome.  Nothing to do either days.  Lots of time to plug into these models.  Hopefully I'll be done with them and working on Shawn's Craftworld coloured Eldrad.

slainte mhath

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