Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Modelling/Painting Space

Here are pics from Oct.  Wow, I've been modelling/painting there for almost 10 months now.

This is where I used to paint.  Six tables.  Four lights.  Can sit six.  Most I saw was five.  Stopped going because people would leave their modelling stuff out or put their army cases all over it.  Instead of stressing about it everytime.  I decided to do something about it.  I can either A) try to change the situation (highly unlikely because there are so many modellers/players that do it or B) change how I react to it.  Which I did.  Then it occurred to me.  I can paint at home.  Then I won't have to pack stuff up, potentially forgetting something, and drive there.  It's not that far away.  Plus can I drink while painting!

Modelling tables at Fantasy Flight.  That is Dave the big chief at Fantasy Flight.

Great news.  Dave, above photo, has added one more table and two more stations.  Looks really good.  Great job, Dave!

This is going to get ugly.  Please don't click on the link to see more.  You don't want to make baby Jesus cry.

This was my mess of a "dining room" if one could call it that.  A collection of odds and ends.  Amazon boxes, etc.  Decided to use the broom and dust pan there on the right to remake this area.  Should name this post "modelling area make-over."

I'm sure you can find a body where the bomb went off

Without lights.  Just overhead dining room light.

Try to add a back drop like so many photos to see if matters.  Unfortunately no.  Camera limitations.

Camera, Palm smart phone, with flash.

Again back drop.  Perhaps someday I'll create my own back drop for my models.

With new lights no flash.

With new lights with flash.
New lights!  These ladies rock.

Buddy of mine, David, informed me about lights with defusers.  Talked a little bit where one can purchase some.  He turned me onto ebay with similar lights.  As you can see the light provided is quite bright and does a great job eliminating shadows.  Believe these only cost me 69.99$  I don't tear down this station.  This is always up.  Seems every other guest that comes over turns on one of the lights and takes a look at what I'm working on.

slainte mhath

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