Thursday, August 16, 2012

Witchblade, and Singing Spears, and Murekhs! Oh my! Part 1

Have to say this is my favourite squad so far to work on so far.  Perhaps because it's breezing by.  Perhaps because I feel there's a synergy to them.  Makes me want to buy a couple more Warlocks and paint up a Farseer with Warlocks.  Seriously this squad is fun.

First thing I wanted to do was make the Warlocks stand out.  Been thinking of this since first coming up with colour scheme for Shawn's Eldar.  Warlocks tend to be from aspect paths.  Wanted something on the Warlocks to indicate what path they followed before walking the path of the seer.  Want to keep the warlocks looking similar yet something that separates them.  Helmets!  Paint the helmets to the appropriate aspect path.

Shawn wants non-traditional colours for his Aspect Warriors  This is what I came up with.  Banshees Dheneb Stone.  Avengers Ice Blue.  Scorpions Dark Angels Green.  Shining Spears Surf Aqua.  Hawks Surf Aqua.  Dragons Chainmail washed Gryphonne Sepia.  As you can see warlock helmets represent those colours.

Time for robes.  Damn they look nice and clean.  Quite crisp.  At this point wasn't sure what to do with Farseer's cloak.
MUhahahahha!  My idea worked!  Took a little manipulating.  You can expect more of these.

This happend by accident.  Wasn't planned at all.  While painting the witchblades I ended a stroke and need to add more paint to the brush.  Picked up the warlock looked at the blade and was struck how it looked like a flame.  Decided to try to duplicate the effect to make the flame go farther up the blade and do it on the other side.  Turned out pretty good.  Quite pleased by the result.  I'm sure Shawn will like it.

Sunburst Yellow for eyes.

Chaos Black for accoutrements and Singing Spear tips along with witchblades.  Somehow Farseer's witchblade escaped my attention.

Bleached Bone for Rune Armour.  Looking quite clean.  Loving it.

Enchanted Blue for cloak.

slainte mhath

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