Thursday, August 16, 2012

12.8.15 Swooping Hawks

Last nights work.

It occurred to me why Shawn wanted me to do his Swooping Hawks next.  He was really impressed with the Scourges wings.  Think he wants the same thing done to Swooping Hawk wings.

Eyes Sunburst Yellow.

Here's the view of Baharroth's wings.  As you can see not exactly my best work.  Think I'll clean it up a little.

This Exarch came with two left wings.  You can tell by looking at the detail on the wing then comparing it to Baharroths and normal Swooping Hawks.  These wings turned out much better.  Here I actually drybrushed Hawk Turquoise before applying a white wash.

This is the right wing.  I like it much better.  Even with blurry photo.

Swooping Hawk armour painted Surf Aqua.

This is three colours.  Which is what Shawn wants for his aspect warriors.  They don't have to be fancy just three colours.  Thought it was missing something.  Suggested to paint Lasgun black.  He agreed.

Head feathers of Baharroth and Exarch painted hawk Turquoise.  Baharroth gets a little more attention with Storm Blue for other feather in his cap.

Lasguns Chaos Black.

Bulbs Caledor Sky.  Really liking how all the bulbs on these eldar are the same.

Done.  So far.  Perhaps give the wings some more attention at a later date.

Close up of one of the good wings.

slainte mhath

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