Monday, August 13, 2012

12.8.12 Eldar Falcon and Wave Serpent

Last time on Eldar Falcon and Wave Serpent.

Time for the stippling.  With a little more hopefully useful information.  Had a problem with putting the tape down.  Was too ahead of myself.  Surprise, the turret got in the way.  Shouldn't have snapped it on so quickly.  Still worked out.  Cut the tap in thirds and was able to place it exactly where I wanted for these two pics.  Wanted to show how to use the topography of the model to place the tape.  You can see how the bulb here is equally covered on the top and bottom.

Here's the pic that I mentioned in a previous post.  See how the tape covers more of the bottom of the bulb than the top.  This gives you an idea of how to use the topography of the model to know where to put the tape.  Compare this with the one above you'll have an idea.  Really need to learn how to put two pics together.

Here you can see the bulb top and bottom are equally covered by the tape.

Both taped and ready for stippling.

This is a flat head brush from Blick.

Wide end of the brush.

Thin side of the brush.

Decided to try something different.  Should've made a video and loaded it.

After dipping the brush in paint dab off the excess.  Can see the circle of Dark Angels Green with the half circle of Goblin Green.  You don't want a lot of paint on your brush when stippling.  As in most occasions, less is more is desired here.  The paint underneath should affect the paint placed onto of it.  Usually you don't want this.  Example red over black.  Then you have to paint more red.  However in this case you want this effect.

Second stage Dark Angels Green for first stippling.

Goblin Green stippling.  Ready to pull off blue tape.

Falcon and Wave Serpent stippling done.

Close up of Wave Serpent stippling.

Close up of Falcon stippling.

Weapons cut out, cleaned up and ready to be painted.

Remember to wash your plastic.  See how the Chaos Black doesn't completely cover the barrel of the buanna?  The release resin is still on the plastic.  Can do several things to avoid this.  Wash your plastic.  Mild soap and water, prime or multi-layers of colour.  Highly advise against the later.

Weapons done.  For the most part.

Caledor Sky bulbs.

Once again my favourite tool.  Eleventh hour here comes through.  Need to pin the Falcon so it can hold the weapon shield when Shawn wants to swap weapons.

Ready for pin.

Pin sticking out so I know where to cut it off.

Weapon shield attached.


All of Shawn's beautiful girls together.

Completed 20.5 hrs.  Critique away.

To me for putting there two together and painting them in less time than I expect.  Its a Blue Sunset.  1/4 Blue Moon and 3/4 Sunset Wheat.  Offered a server at Lyndale Tap 5$ for the glass.  She said that she couldn't sell it to me.  But that if it were to disappear she couldn't do anything about it.  It disappeared in one of my Utilikilt Mockers pockets and handed the server a lincoln.

slainte mhath


  1. Just when I get used to the color scheme, you add purple...

    A well deserved beer!

    1. hehe, where's the purple? Are you referring to the Storm Blue? Guess that does a little purplish through the camera.


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