Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eldar Shining Spears part 1

Yes!  Finally started, finished one squad and started a second.  Will need to work on speed of painting if I'm going to continue this commission business.

As you can see the Shining Spears need some love before I can begin my work.  Again Mr Pin to the rescue!  Thank you, Mr Pin.  You're my favourite tool.

Anyone who has pinned knows the difficulty of pinning into a small piece like this.  Decided to try something new.  Used a modelling knife to score the area the drill will go in.  Then pulled out a file.  Specifically triangle file.  Ground that into the score left by the modelling knife.  Those who are unaware.  Taking a millimeter drill bit to a little piece like this a pain because the bit is constantly slipping off or not able to bite in to do its work.  This is where the score mark and file come in.  Score mark for footing of file.  File to grind out enough space for the drill bit to sit in and go to work.  Here are two pics that you can see where I made an indent specifically for the tip, Just the Tip! (two points if you get the reference), to sit in.  Worked great!  Something I learned for next time.

Tada!  All better.  Now proud again Shining Spear models.  Everyone's happy.

Triangle file.  Has been very helpful.

All queued up and ready to go.

Again forgot.  Stopped.  Flash Gitz Yellow for eyes.

Surf Aqua for armour plates.  This squad should go by fast.  Would have it done tomorrow night but hanging out with a damn good friend.  Looks like Sat these ladies get finished.

slainte mhath

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