Thursday, August 2, 2012

12.8.1 Eldar Wraithlords

These were quicker than I thought.  Now onto the rest of Shawn's priority.

Last nights closing work

Total time spent 6 hrs.

Bright Lances Chainmail.

Brassy Brass for cowls and rods.

Close of Wraithlords cowl.  Wanted to make it stand out.  Sort of royalty.  Couldn't figure it out til Brassy Brassy occurred to me.  I like it.


Don't you love it when you've completed finished with a paint colour.  Put it away and grabbed the next paint and started working then you noticed you missed something obvious?  I do.  No I really don't.  I usually curse myself and get right back on that wagon.

Ah, there!  All better.

You can only fight who you are for so long.  This has been a beta paint job the entire time.  Couldn't stop myself from up'ing the paint job and challenging myself.  Finally broke down.  Going to paint a design on the loin cloth.  This is something I've been struggling with when painting Shawn's skimmers.  My skimmers have some sort of design on them somewhere.  Couldn't stop myself.

The idea is a broken or enhanced Dark Reaper glyph.  Thought about drawing it out.  I'm not that type of individual.  I may go through the design several times in my head but ultimately I want, not always do, live in the now.  After coming up with the image I grabbed one my new 0/3 brushes and Chaos Black.  The design is similar to the Dark Reapers except the right side of the triangle will be missing.  Perhaps a little bit at the top on the right.  There will be two arms under the triangle.  Top one will be longer pushing past the edges of the triangle.  Bottom one will be even with the triangle.  Closing with familiar half circle pointing down.

Then I started to work.  Carefully dipped the brush and stop.  Looking at Chaos Black and realised I have started to slip backwards in my painting.  I'm better than this.  When I was painting so long ago I used black freely.  I have since learned there is more to painting then menacing and foreboding black.  Other colours can portray the same message more subtly.  Time to grab a friend.  Put the black away and cleaned the brush.  Dark Angels Green.  Its a friend on the colour wheel with blue.  Surf Aqua is a greenish blue.  Dark Angels Green will stand out while mixing in.  Not contrast but an union allowing them to work together.

Now time to work.  So far all according to plan.  Had to adjust the left side of the triangle when first laying it down.  Probably can't tell where I went wrong.  Looks good now.

Now for the arms.  Top arm is meant to meet the ends of the left and right triangle if it continued past the floor.  Bottom arm is meant to be even with the floor of the triangle.

There I am done with the design I planned.  Thought about adding to it.  Perhaps adding little marks that go up and down on the upper and lower arm.  Then I remembered Vipers from last week KISS  Keep it simple, stupid.  There's power in simplicity.  A sort of genius to it.

Home stretch, ladies and germs.  Caledor Sky for the bulbs and that's it.

Fat lady has sung.  Profile.

Critique away.

slainte mhath

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