Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Base

Since I'm basing Shawn's Eldar figured I'd make "How to" a basing post.  Pretty sure I already have one of these.  This one certainly cannot hurt.

Here we have everything we need to base.  Edible glue.  A container or two of basing material.  An olde destroyed paint brush "even in death, service does not end."  You'll notice another container.

The third container is a gerber's box.  Purpose of the container is to take two basing materials throw them in the same container and shake it up.  It should be noted that I've already mixed the two materials in the container but haven't received the right mixture.  Then noticed if I go half of both I get what I'm looking for.  Grass poking out of mash under it.

You'll notice a big chunk of Stepple Grass ontop of the premixed stuff.

Then close container and shake it up.  It should be shared that Drew from Fantasy Flight actually told me this idea.  Not sure if he picked up from somewhere or thought of it himself.  The plan is to have a mixed base so it will be extra points on Tournament cards for based model.  Example Adepticon awards extra points for using multiple basing materials.

A view of what the 1:1 mix looks like.

Then grab your models and put a dollop of edible glue on the base.

Grab your ruined paint brush and start "painting" or spreading the glue to the edges of the base.

Time for a bath you dirty hippy!  Place base in basing material.  Move it around so you get enough material to cover the base plus more.  Pull out model and tap/shake off excess.  Excess shakes off and goes back into basing container.

Voila!  You have a based model.  Now you get more points for finished model.  As my buddy David says.  Painted and Based models roll better.

slainte mhath


  1. I use sand and cat litter

    1. Nice. Makes sense and extremely cheaper.

  2. You paid $$ for dirt/sand??

    1. I have been guilty of buying ballast for my models. This is something Shawn and I came up with for his Eldar. Modellers and their basing.


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