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12.8.11 Eldar Falcon & Wave Serpent

Last times pic.

My iPhoto died.  Died before.  Was able to replace the battery due to click wheel not working.  Then it stopped playing music.  Just froze.  Then would start skipping songs.  Was able to restore it.  However this time it wasn't as good as before.  Started syncing music to it and received message that there wasn't enough space.  Weird.  Had about 42G on it.  It has 60.  Now it says it has 16.  Very weird.  Attempted to restore and error 1429 came up.  Brought it to Apple.  Apple said they couldn't do anything and received different errors.  Told me I could trade it in for 10% off an Apple product or buy the same for 129$  Kind of a deal considering the iPod classic was the one I was considering for 249$  Don't see a reason for an iTouch when it can't hold my music.

Stopped back a couple of weeks later when I had the cash.  The rep was surprised to see such an olde Apple product.  He said he never saw one in person before.  Even praised it.  Told him that I'm looking to trade this broken one in for the same for 129$  He goes away and comes back saying that they don't have any iPhotos in stock.  He offered a classic for 129$  Told him my 42G of music will barely make a dent in 160G.  Concluded transaction and Yay!  New iPod!  Put my music on it and once again I'm able to paint with Grado iGi earbuds.  Prefer that way to paint then distracted by sounds around me or getting up and choosing the next album on my laptop.  First song I always listen to when painting is VNV Nation's Joy from their Reformation 01 album.

non-40k stuff out of the way.  Here you go, Samuel.  This is the Brassy Brass.  Not as good as GW olde Brazen Brass.  If you give it a decent black wash it looks just a tad darker than Brazen Brass.  That was a great metallic colour.

 Here is the size of brush I use for detail work.  Have used 5/0.  Don't notice a difference between 5/0 and 3/0 when painting.  Have an Insane Detail brush from Army painter.  Never used.  Meant to use it on Vect but didn't need to.

End of Waver Serpent.

Chaos Black for crevasse and equipment controls.

Time to start painting panels.  Decided to be more aggressive with the panels.  Waver Serpent has Storm Blue left of cockit.  Falcon has Storm Blue around turret cockpit.  Also has Enchanted Blue on left side.

Decided to try something new.  Thought about doing multiple blue washes on this panel to see how it would work.  Figure can paint over it if it didn't work out.

Two washes of blue.

Three washes of blue

Four washes of blue

Lightning Blue on Wave Serpents large turret panel.  Left side of Falcon.  Also Ice blue around Wave Serpents cockpit and left side of Falcon.  It's at this point I decided I'm going to load up the left side of the Falcon.  Effectively make the left side paint heavier than right.

Regal Blue for back right panel on Wave Serpent.  Can't see the Surf Aqua panel under turret.  Regal Blue and Surf Aqua on left side of Falcon.

Now for something new.  Couldn't do it before because Shawn's Eldar didn't have any canopies.  Close up of canopy.

Mostly blurry pic.  You might notice on the bottom of the canopy frame has couple of blobs of Surf Aqua.

With an olde modelling knife I scrape away the excess Surf Aqua.  Have to learn how to put two images together for one of those before and after pics.  That would help in this instance.

Surprise.  It would be easier to paint the canopy frame when its not attached.  Can't remember if I did it that way when I was putting my skimmers together so long ago.  Don't think I did.  If you did attach canopy simply lift it when painting the frame.  Then you won't be getting paint where you don't want.

Pretty close to done.  Now just bulbs.  Weapons and stippling racing stripe.

Bulbs Caledor sky.

Should be done tomorrow and starting Eldrad.

slainte mhath

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