Friday, August 10, 2012

12.8.8 Eldar Falcon & Wave Serpent

Last nights work.

Loving how these are coming together.  Specifically wanted to paint it in three parts.  Bottom, top and pilot.  Worked great.  If you notice a change in size of pic its because I want to have a friendly relationship with my drug dealer.  Curious?  If you haven't read "First hit's free" blog.

Falcon Surf Aqua is done.

Decided to do all pilots at the same time.  Completely forgot the Sunburst Yellow for the visors.  Will hit that tomorrow or Sat.

Console side of cockpit.

Have to put windshield on before gluing cockpit.

Loctite Super Glue Gel on the key points of contact of cockpit to top hull.  It is not glued to the bottom.

Down to two parts of the Falcon.

Time to scratch their belly's.  Hopefully they don't get jealous.  Or attack when I'm scratching.  Seems to always be their plan.

Brassy Brass.

Good work done tonight.  3hrs.

The doors do open!  Very pleased with that.  Didn't consider that the spray paint might have glued them shut.  The paint actually does a great job of making a wedge holding the door close.  Little prying and voila!  Transport with open doors.

slainte mhath

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