Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eldar Wraithguard Completed

This was a fun squad to paint til I started painting black.  More about that later.

Surf Aqua for armour plates and loin cloth like Wraithlord.

Helmets Hawk Turquoise again just like Shawn's Wraithlord.

Sad day.  My Chaos Black is dead.  Last time I bought black was 7 years ago.  Since I've matured as a painter I don't use black very often.  Have to pick up some soon.

Shawn wanted to chat this evening.  Met him at Fantasy Flight.  Talked about the game a little bit.  Talked about the painting he's doing on his daemons.  Dave told Shawn he has one of those Chaos Daemons Exalted Steed Chariot of Slaanesh.  Wanted to purchase that model last time we gamed.  Now he could.  Told his boys that he was going to have me put the model together because of how they've put his models together in the past.  He wants it put together as top priority.  Told him it would push out his Eldar a little bit and that I would start working on it after I was done with the Wraithguard.  Shawn also picked me up a couple of models for payment.  Two Razorbacks and Space Marine Librarian.  Turns out he also wants me to paint the other Eldar models he didn't get to me.  Plenty of aspect warriors and harlequins.  The Eldar he handed to me in June will cover my Grey Knight army and more.  The rest of his Eldar is something else.  Will need to decide what else I'm looking for.  Haven't made my Grey Knight order from Forgeworld yet....

Back from hanging out with Shawn for about two hours.  Cowl and arrays Brassy Brass.

Bulbs Caledor Sky.

Wraithlord stands amongst the Wraithguard and approves the Boneseers work.

Critique away.

slainte mhath

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