Monday, August 13, 2012

12.8.12 Eldrad Ulthran

Done with vehicles onto Shawn's next point of priority: characters.

Based Colour Primer Uniform Grey.

My Eldrad painted some 15 years ago.  Pulled it out to help me with Shawn's Eldrad.  Asked Shawn if he wanted his Eldrad like the one in the codex or if he wanted me to paint it his way.  He replied.  If I can paint it like the one in the codex but using his colours would be great.

Started with his primary codex colour Surf Aqua.  Then it hit me.  Remember paint from inside out.  Again going against my way of painting I start with eyes.  Well should've started with eyes.

 Again not wanting to use multiple layers of yellow, started with Skull White.

Sunburst Yellow.  One layer of yellow much better than multiple layers.  Might end up losing detail with multiple layers of yellow.

Trying something new.  Something I saw Bexley from Fantasy Flight do probably a year ago.  He would wash something.  Then he would pull the ink out with the brush and wipe it off on paper towel.  The intent is to pull out the wash in areas you don't want and leave the wash in the areas you do.  Usually I just paint then wash it with a little ink.  The ink is dabbed off on a piece of cardboard or paper towel.  However this time I wanted to try Bexley's way.

Here is the groove in Eldrad's helm that will be getting the wash.

Chainmail base.  Have to make sure that you've cover all if not most of the area you'll be washing.  However there's a problem.  I've already washed the area with Badab Black.  This is the effect I'm looking to achieve.  But to show Bexley's technique I go over board.

Here is Bexley's tech.  Overload the area with your wash.  Wash is paint that is mostly water.  Its designed to tint the paint it's placed over.  Here you see a lot of Badab Black over the Chainmail.

Here I use the brush to pull excess wash out of the groove and wipe off on a paper towel.  Have to say it turned out better than my original wash.  Will use Bexley's tech.  Bexley came upon it by accident.  As he told me.  He was painting Imperial Fist Terminators and put too much wash over the yellow.  "Shit!" he said and started wiping it off with a paper towel.  Then looked at it and said "That looks pretty good."  Thank you, Bexley.

Surf Aqua over necessary parts.  Also started some Chaos Black before moving to the next colour.

 Hawk Turquoise for hands, arms and feet.

slainte mhath


  1. Nice to see your techniques, one thing I need to ask though, do you undercoat your models at all?

    Thankyou for the tip on Dick brushes, will be sure to look into those and I never knew brush soap existed to be honest, Will see about that too.

    You have no idea how much your posts give me to think about, I'll be sure to show this to my partner who has just picked up the hobby with myself.

    1. I only undercoat special models. The special HQ's etc. Usually just basecoat with primer. Usually it's black. When I want to spend more time on a model I base white. Example Avatar.

      I'm going back and forth on how I want to basecoat my Grey Knights. Was going to do white. Working with the Primer Colour Uniform Grey from Army Painter really has me questioning myself. There wouldn't be a lot to do with my Grey Knights then to make them table ready. Two layers of highlights with plenty of detail on the filigree. Have a great idea for the filigree. Special designs on Nemesis Force weapons. That would be it. Still not sure.

      If you do get a chance with your special do two layers of a slightly watered down paint. You'd be surprised how smooth the paint looks. Should take some pics of my Scourges to show you how it looks.

    2. Thanks for the kind words.


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