Monday, August 27, 2012

Eldar Phoenix Lords: Baharroth, Jain-Zar and Asurman

Time for Phoenix Lords.  Shawn had this one special ordered it and handed it to me last Sat.

Here is a quick correspondence between Shawn and I regarding Phoenix Lords.

Me:  Regarding special attention given to characters.  Are Baharroth and Asurman Pheonix Lords (special) characters?  Not sure if I should pour more attention to them or paint them like aspect warriors but with a little more detail.

Shawn: They are Phoenix lords, and I would think that they would require some special attention. Just don't get carried away, they already have big enough heads

Shawn only wanted his Special Characters to get good attention.  Eldrad and Avatar.  This gave me a great idea how to paint them.

Out of the box and ready to be cleaned up.

Again modelling knives are sharp.  Keep those fingers out of the path of the knife.  Especially when you're cutting away from yourself.

Primer Colour Uniform Grey.  Pinned Jain-Zar to give those bits extra strength.

Abaddon Black for power cord parts and other bits.

Armour.  Baharroth Surf Aqua.  Jain-Zar Dheneb Stone.  Asurman Ice Blue.  Brassy Brass for ornament on armour.

Chainmail for helmets.

Power Weapons Electric Blue.

Had to incorporate Shawn's Surf Aqua into his Phoenix Lords.  Surf Aqua on all clothe.

Bulbs Caledor Sky. (I don't know about you but typing this line is getting tiring)

My Baharroth on left.

My Jain-Zar on left.

slainte mhath

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