Friday, August 10, 2012

12.8.9 Eldar Falcon & Wave Serpent

Time to let my drug dealer dictate policy.  Sincerely, thank you for letting me blog.  I mean that literally.  Thank you.  I deeply appreciate it.

Last nights work.

Now for tonights work.  Only had a hour to work on the Skimmers.  It's been awhile since I hung out with my damn good friend Donnie.  Love that guy.  Grabbed a couple of drinks at my watering hole Williams Peanut Bar.  As soon as I arrived home started painting.  Some is better than none.

To be completely honest I took a pic of this but not sure why.  If you can figure out why please let me know.

As promised, Samuel, here is the connection of the cockpit to the top of the hull.  They were already glued together so it'd be difficult to show you how the canopy attaches.  I have pics later showing the canopy lifted to give you an idea.

Sensor arrays painted Chaos Black.

Different view of the arrays.

Here's your pic, Samuel.  You can see how the canopies lift without interference to anything else.  This is the maximum the canopies will open.  Beyond this is what you refer to them as breaking.  Trust me.  It takes a lot to break the canopies.  As soon as you start lifting and feel the tension increase you'll stop and it will stick.

Correcting my error from last night.  Specifically not putting Sunburst Yellow over the Skull White.  Closer image of how the canopy is not glued at all.  It sits in the divet of the head rest.  It freely moves up and down when put together correctly.

Sunburst Yellow over Skull White.  Remember painting over white allows to keep the colour you're planning then painting over black.  You'll need more layers over black to get the consistency even.  Start with white you'll do better.

And the three become one.  I'm done with the lower part of the hull.  Only thing to work on is the top part.  Figure since I'm done with the bottom part of the hull except for little Brassy Brass I would be glue them together.  Exactly as Samuel shared in a previous post.  Use glue sparingly.  There's no reason to end up with a mess, as he learned.  Put a couple of lines on key pieces that connect the bottom to the top and voila done!  Hopefully I'll complete these Sat.  Really want to start Shawn's Eldrad.

slainte mhath


  1. You know, i'm starting to like that color scheme....

    1. Yeah. Kind of weird. It grows on you.

  2. That is one steady hand, What size brush do you use for small details?
    I like the idea of the brassy under-side, Might pick up a nice metallic colour for myself when I next visit my local GW.

    1. Thanks. Could've cleaned up the pilots mask. Chaos Black didn't cover all of it. Can still see the Skull White on the mask. Then can see Sunburst Yellow on the mask. Shawn isn't worried about the models being great. He wants them good.

      Brassy Brass is a Vallejo colour. Will take a pic of that tonight along with the brush so you have picture. Will link it here tonight.

  3. Samuel, here's the link as promised.

    How's the work on your Wave Serpent going?

    1. Thanks for the pictures, I think I might need to get myself some good quality brushes, for now I'm using GW ones but I really think that they could be a lot better, I haven't started painting the Wave Serpent yet, Still finishing off my Swooping Hawks, I need to find time to go and get a few things that would make this all easier as I'm thinking more and more that I need to get a desk lamp!

    2. You're welcome.

      I've found GW brushes, except Drybrushes, are poor. I'd suggest checking out Blick, formerly Dick Blick. Their brushes are far superiour. Even the lower price one. Then again, if you love your brush your brush will love you. Might want to check in some brush soap. Does a great job of cleaning the paint from the brush. Allows the brush to last longer.

      Regarding desk lamps. I'll put up a post of my work space.


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