Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eldar Fire Dragons Completed

Damn these guys took me much longer than expected.  Put a total of 5.5 hrs into them.  From last time.

What I thought was going to be two hours maybe three turned into 5 hours.  My entire session tonight.  Quite disappointed.  Good news another squad down.

Chainmail basecoat on all Fire Dragon Plates.

Time for the magic.  Gryphonne Sepia wash over all Chainmail.  I wasn't looking forward to this part.  This is probably where most of my time went tonight.  I was being careful.  Only allowed so much wash onto the brush.  If there was too much I would wipe off the excess on a plate then go to the tiny plates.  Yeah there were a few mistakes.  Nothing big or terribly bad.  If Shawn wasn't looking for just three colours I would give the Fire Dragons an entire basecoat of Chainmail then two or three washes of Gryphonne Sepia.  While the plates look earthen, just not "earthen" enough for me.  Since Shawn isn't too concerned about these models he wants them done with minimal effort.  Yeah this was over my minimal effort.  Which is something I've learned about commission painting.  I'll make a post about what I've learned after I'm done with Shawn's Eldar.  Here's a side by side comparison of with and without Gryphonne Sepia wash.  Looks much different.  In my opinion a damn great improvement.

Lone Fire Dragon by himself so people, Lane, won't be distracted by the "noise."

Everyone got their wash.  Onto the next part.  I thought yellow as tough to work with.  Right.

Same two models earlier both washed.

Also all power cords are painted Abaddon Black.  Little thing I have with my 40k world.  All power cords regardless of race, creed or belief have black power cords.

Close up of helmet.  You can get an idea how washes work.  They run from empty spaces and gather in busy areas.  Here you can see how the wash has pooled together at the bottom of the helmet and bulbs while leaving the rest of the area lighter.  Washes are great for making it look like you highlighted or layered.  Specifically the cowl at the bottom of the helmet.  It looks like there might have been some Boltgun, Chainmail ofrMithril placed there for the shine.  Nope that is where the wash ran from.  Leaving of course some of the Chainmail to do its work.

Super fun part.  Blazing Orange is just as demanding as Sunburst Yellow and Surf Aqua.  Shawn doesn't want traditional colours for his Aspect warriors.  Figured I would go away from yellow and red.

Started getting ahead of myself.  Looks like Exarch took off.  Hopefully he returns with a beer.  I'm running low.  This is the part where it dawns on me that every model I paint for commission will represent me.  These models have so much flash left on them.  I honestly don't think they were ever cleaned up.  There are commission artists out there that will charge you if the model needs to be cleaned up.  Next commission job I do I'm instituting it.  It's too late now.  Some person is going to look at this model and might like the paint job only to see flash still attached.  That will reflect on me should they say who painted them.  Then I'll have to live up to the potential stigma of not knowing how to remove flash.

 All bulbs Caledor Sky.

Critique away

slainte mhath


  1. Nice choice on the sepia wash. I'm finally re-painting some guardians that I've had since 2005 and had never been based or even gotten thier first wash or basing. Admittedly they didn't get used much, but every time I did, I hated myself for ignoring them. But...although they are being repainted, I still see mold lines that I'm not going to worry about.

    As for your work here, as long as you and your client are happy with what he is getting then all is good. You may wish to talk with him before you start the next squad however.

    1. Thanks. Might look better or worst with more sepia. Not sure. I have guardians like yours, Spyrle. Completely understand.

      Great idea about chatting with him. He might want something different than my idea of Aspect painting.


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