Wednesday, August 15, 2012

12.8.14 Eldar Swooping Hawks

Now that all special characters are done.  Onto Shawn's next priority.  Swooping Hawks.

This was a lot of fun I'll tell you what.  If you couldn't tell that was my sarcasm/dry humour voice.

Boy, oh, boy, where to start.  First I'd like to acknowledge the 7 P's hooah!  Onto the nightmare.

What I thought was going to be a simple base and drybrush didn't work that way at all.  Haven't figured out exactly where I went wrong.  Pretty it was too much paint on the brush.

Started with wings.  Will be painting armour on the wings.  Wanted to get the white out of the way.  Then I can carefully do the armour without messing up the white.

First coat of white

Second coat of white

After two coats of white to cover the grey underneath time for me to get caught up in my mess.

After trying to drybrush Hawk Turquoise over white.  Then trying to drybrush white over hawk.  I settled on a happy medium which I think will turn out good.  With white base and blue drybrushed over it.  Pulled out the Skull White again.  Dipped brush in paint then swirled in water.  Plan is to water down the paint and apply a white wash over the wings.  So far pleased with the result.  Will know tomorrow when I get back at that painting table.

Shawn doesn't want anything fancy for the Aspect Warriors.  3 colours that is it.  Shouldn't take long to start pounding them out.

Baharroth's wings are different because his are based Hawk Turquoise then white washed.  Will see how it turned out soon.

slainte mhath


  1. Looking forward to seeing these being done as I just finished my own, Terrible choice for first models to paint, I hear a lot of people have a hard time with these.

    Took your advice and ordered some new brushes, sad to say I'm a little excited.

    1. Great to hear you bought some brushes. I think you'll enjoy them a lot. Please let me know how they work for you.

      Don't expect much of these. Wings are going to be the fanciest thing on them. Swooping Hawks were my first squad also.


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