Friday, August 3, 2012

12.8.2 Kaela Mensha Khaine

This is outside of my norm.  I usually paint characters last or first.  There's a priority of painting these models.  Have to let go of my outcome.

First you should know this is a copy.  Saw an excellently painted Avatar over a year ago and was in awe of it.  I want to paint one similarly.  Shawn wants his Avatar and Eldrad to be good.  Going to try something new with this model but not push myself to make it excellent.

Base-coated with Black.

With flash.  Trying something new.

The base-coating black was the first thing to fix.  Couldn't do anything before correcting the black.  It's not that black is a bad base-coat.  Or the wear and tear on the black.  It's that its black.  This is a character.  One of two most important characters in his army.  Because of that it deserves some respect.  I'm going to give it the respect it deserves.

What do I do?  Base it white.  Specifically Citadel Colour White Primer.

With flash.

Without flash.

Much better.  Now the white will scream at me where I didn't completely cover the area with paint.  White also has a great effect of not dulling the paint placed over it.  Example red, yellow or white over black.  Most of us know what that is like.  White is much more forgiving and helpful.  They say pro-painters always base white.  Read that in a White Dwarf years ago.  At least I think I did....

Time to add the white where it couldn't land without making the model all fuzzy.  Key thing with painting character models.  Do your best to paint from the inside to outside.  Hit as much inner detail as you can.  You have A Lot of room for mistakes now.  So get the little details out of the way.  As some of us know it's better to hit the little detail and cover it with larger brush strokes now than to try to use little detail later and mess up something important.  As Mr. Pink says on his blog and Natfka's when he makes a mistake "I pulled a Pink!"  Don't pull a Pink.  Work inside out.

Thought I'd interject my Avatars into this series.  Kind of give you an idea where I will be going with this model.

Behind shot of the Skull White which is the base of the lava under the skin.

Now time for theatricality, watched Dark Knight Rises last night, Sunburst Yellow over Skull White for lava under the skin.

Rogue Trader and 2nd ed Avatar.  This guy was a bad-ass.  The Avatar now is a shadow of this bad boy.

All three of them lining up like the usual suspects.

Now to blatantly steal from Brokenblade.  It should be noted this is a beta paint job.  Not bringing my full game to this model.  Lord did I want to.  Lord did I.

Blazing Orange for the edges of the skin touching the lava.  Red Gore feathered, thanks, Joe x, over the Blazing Orange.  Leaving a little bit of the orange so there's a transition from hot to cold.

Close up of foot.  Looking surprising good so far.  Never have done anything like this before.  Again thanks, Brokenblade.

Time for the next big step.  Chaos Black for the cooler parts of the skin that isn't moving as much or as close contact to the open pools of lava.

Turns out Avatar's nose is red.  Must have been a mean drinker in his earlier days.

Can't believe I almost forgot the Craftworld staple colour.  Loin cloth and hair binder Surf Aqua.  Two places that might catch peoples eye the most.

Hawk Turquoise for the crown of the Undying King.

Close up of the shoulder for detail I'll provide later.

Burnished Gold for royal parts of the Avatar of Khaine.

That's it for tonight.  Put a solid 4 hrs into him.  Looking forward to seeing him come together more.

I'll be posting the following after each session of painting so you can see how it comes along.

Here's the Avater this is based on.

Thank you, Brokenblade.

What a f'ing great paint job!

slainte mhath

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