Friday, August 10, 2012

12.8.5 Kaela Mensha Khaine

Last where we left off with our solo warrior.

Close up of shoulder.  Finished armour molding with Burnished Gold.

Close up of shoulder.  Detail around runestone Liche Purple.  All my characters have some of purple on them somewhere.

Close up of hand.  Like my Avatar and Rogue Trader pics both hands are going to be bloody.

Close up of hand.  Scab Red for dried blood.

Close up of shoulder.  Blade is Chainmail.

Close up of hand.  Generous amounts of Blood Red to the point of covering detail because Eldanesh continues to haunt the little whiner.  Avatar is an awesome model and kind of a bad ass on the field.  But damn is he a whiner in the lore.  Grow up, god of war!

Suin Daellae along helmet filigree is Mithril Silver.  Glyphs are Sunburst Yellow.  Blood on sword where his left hand would've held it.

Hair is stripped white and black.  Only added Chaos Black to the hair.  Left the rest of it white from the basing.

Close up of shoulder.  Caledor Sky to complete it.

Caledor Sky for all runestones.

Total time 8hrs.

Critique away.

slainte mhath


  1. I really liked how the lava was turning out, but now the model seems a bit disjointed with the colors. I think he would have looked quite nice with the lava theme having more prominence and the Aqua for the tabard and a few accessories. That being said, I do like the blood on the sword blade and the striping of the hair.

    Here's mine (I hope the link works)

    1. Great insight regarding the other colours washing out the lava. Didn't even consider it and can see exactly what you mean. Will run that by Shawn see if he wants more red to tie in the lava.

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Forgot to add. I like your Avatar. Has an almost wet look to him. Like your use of contracting colours of with blue on top and bottom. Very nice.

  2. The wet look is common to my whole eldar army. I've used a clear spray gloss sealer. I use Testor's Dullcoat on my IG and Raven Guard, but I like the glossy look for my eldar.


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