Wednesday, August 15, 2012

12.8.14 Eldrad Ulthran

Last where we left off.

On the way home I was thinking about painting Shawn's Eldrad and that I should be able to complete it tonight.  Then record skipping sound went through my head.  The cloak.  That doesn't have to be black.  Can base it Surf Aqua then give it a Leviathan Purple Wash.  Loved how it turned out the alien skulls on my Dark Eldar Raiders and Paint Tokens.  Decided to do the same here.

Had a series of pictures about how I painted the face on the staff.  Unfortunately none of them turned out with enough detail that I thought would be useful.  Will describe it here.  Looking at Eldrad in the codex I believe the face is painted in a marbled theme.  Stippled the face with Dark Angels Green.  Reason for doing this is so it would look kind of similar to the racing stripe on the skimmers.  Then stippled Goblin Green over it for that broken up green look.  Gave it one more layer with third stage Dark Angels Green; 2:5 Sunburst Yellow to Dark Angels Green.  Carefully painted Burnished Golden between the beams coming from the face.  Crown is painted Mithral Silver with Caledor Sky for the rune stone.

Here's the cloak with Leviathan Purple Wash.  Turned out a little darker than I wanted.  On the alien skulls I would drybrush Ice Blue over the wash to make the features pop.  Decided against it this time.  Kind of like the Alaitoc molten blue look of the robe.

"On this episode of where Paint Goes Wrong."  Here I get a little cocky.  Instead of cleaning off the brush and starting fresh again decided to push myself.  Yep that is what I get for pushing the brush and paint.  Will fix that later after completing the bone colour.

Bleached Bone for Rune Armour and wraithbone accoutrements.

Sachel along with strap painted Vermin Brown.  Thinner strap and bag Chaos Black.

Cleaned up Witchblade.  Applied light amounts of Chaos Black inside rune pushing to inner edge of triangle.

Sash is based Scab Red.

Highlight of Blood Red.

Getting kind of close to the end.  Time for the trimmings.  Burnished Gold around some rune stones.  Ornaments on staff also Burnished Gold

Time for me to use something I plan to do with my Canoptek Spyders.  I'm a heavy drybrusher.  Meaning I put a lot of paint down when drybrushing.  I want to learn to have a lighter touch.  Space Wolf Grey drybrushed on edges of witchblade.  In the past I would've left the drybrushing there and not cleaned  it up.  Since this is something I'll be doing with my sypders decided to use this model as a test run.

Wow! Am I impressed.  Since the bottom of the blade is hidden by the top decided to make it shine less than the top.  Very much like Eldrad's pic in the codex.  Pulled out my 3/0 brush dipped it in water then in Chaos Black and applied little streaks of black building up to the tip of the blade.  Cleaned it up nicely.  Really glad these two pics turned out so clearly.  Beautiful thing with dipping the brush in water then in black is you aren't using black paint.  It's watered down black.  Which doesn't fully cover the grey highlight in one pass.  Takes multiple passes to cover grey.  Which helps slowly mute a highlight over time so you know when to stop painting.

Caledor Sky for bulbs again.

Done.  Complete 9.5 hrs.  Critique away.

My Eldrad and Shawn's side by side ready to take on the world with their psyker power goodness in 6th ed.

While proof reading it occurred to me I didn't paint the glyphs on the sides of his cloak.  Will do that tonight then give him and the Avatar a flat matte finish.  Shawn always uses these models in his army.  Considering the wear of paint being rubbed away on the Avatar's undercoat black, figured it would be a good idea to give them a little protection.

slainte mhath

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