Friday, August 10, 2012

Rules of the Game 12.7.24 & 12.8.4

Third and fifth game of 6th ed.  Couple of things to remember for next time.

"No cheating this time.  It's ten steps forward then turn.  Not follow me for ten steps."


40k 6th pg 64.

Refusing a challenge:  If you refuse a challenge, your opponent gets to nominate one of your characters from those that could have accepted.  The chosen model cannot stirke blows at all this turn.

Context:  In a battle of my Necrons vs Chaos Daemons.  Bryan's Daemon Prince assaults the unit that is about the grab the flag, errr relic.  He issues a challenge to Orikan (really have to keep him out of those things since he's my Warlord, don't want to give away an easy VP).  Orikan refuses.  Bryan says he gets to choose a model.  He asks me what I have.  Told him 5 warriors and Cryptek.  He chose Cryptek.

Heroic Stand: A unit that consists only of a single character cannot refuse a challenge.  He's go no where to hide.  Didn't know it at the time.  But it was all legit.  If the Cryptek wasn't with Orikan.  Orikan would've been toast.

"Say 'What' again.  I dare you say 'What' again!"
40k 6th pg 43

Vector Strike: At the end of the Movement phase, nominate any one unengaged enemy unit the model has moved over that turn.  That unit takes d3+1 hits, resolved at the model's unmodified Strength and AP 3.

Context:  Bryan had his Daemon Prince attack Orikan.  Who was with a squad.  With one attack.  Don't remember he if he flew over Orikan and friends.  He should've rolled then resolved per usual wound allocation.  If I remember correctly a Vector Strike was done against just Orikan twice.  Next time need to slow down and read the rule.

40k 6th pg 120

Alternating Terrain:  3.  Terrain can be placed anywhere on the board where it is more than 3" from other terrain.

Context:  My first 6th BatRep, battle report, I had three pieces of terrain butting up against each other.  I since then thought I read the rule correctly.  Nope.  My recent BatRep has terrain 2" from each other.  Wasn't following the rule.  Must remember 3" distance.

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