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12.8.4 1850 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons a.k.a. Why roll 4 or 5 when all you need is 3?

Fifth game of sixth edition and getting familiar with the rules.

Wraiths personally greet Epidemius on the battle field

Leonard Shelby: We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are.

Wrote myself a reminder before the game.  It actually helped too.

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for 1850 battle.  Also talked about his models and the two he wants me to put together and paint for him.  He also picked me up some models for painting his.

Wore my red Permanent Skin Art t-shirt.

I'm really digging the alternate terrain set up for sixth.  Haven't done a narrative set up yet.  No doubt will happen sometime.  Not a lot of terrain on the field this battle.  Rolled a lot of ones.  Only rolled two threes.

Told Shawn I wanted to do each of the Deployments and Missions at least once with him before repeating anything.  Deployment Dawn of War.  Mission Purge the Alien.  As Shawn says, Annihilation.  Didn't think of it that way.  Shawn's Warlord is Ku'Gath.  Orikan's mine.

Shawn won table halves.  He picked far side.  He also set up first piece of terrain.

Terrain set up

He also won deployment and go first.  Chose to deploy and go first.

Deployed exactly where I placed the three pieces of terrain in the middle in the foreground.  Wanted to use terrain to my advantage so the daemons would have to take dangerous terrain checks on their way in to my Warlord and Spyders.  Two wings of Wraiths.  Each have their own flank they are responsible for.  C'Tan is in difficult terrain.  Necron warriors are near him.  They are the first layer of bubblewrap for Orikan.  Orikan is by himself.  Imotehk has Cryptek with Tremorstave and Chronometron, which actually helped once.  Necron warriors have Cryptek with Tremorstave on left side also in difficult terrain.  Really want to up that dangerous terrain test for incoming daemons.  They are providing bubblewrap as well.  Front has two layers of bubblewrap.  First Spyders which generate Scarabs.

Necron deployment

Top of first.  Imotehk attempts to steal initiative after Shawn reminds me.  Decide to go for it.  6!  Spyders are in business.  One Spyder takes a wound.  16 scarabs.  Wraiths jump 12.  Left flank runs 4.  Right flank runs 6.  Which I think helps me a lot in the next turn.  Man I need to put together my new Wraiths.  I'm past the point of proxy with this army for Wraiths.  Also need to get a couple of Crypteks.

Top of first

Bottom of first.  Shawn gets the daemons he wants.  Starts placing some Nurglings.  I look at them and makes me curious.  He places a second squad of three down and I know exactly what's happening.  No one throws down two three bases of Nurglings in an open field without a plan.  Instantly I put together a plan which will foil Shawn's.  Two Plaguebearer squads also come down.  Skulltaker with ten Bloodletters also land along with Epidemius.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Shawn's good.  He bubblewrapped Epidemius with Skulltaker.  Time for some dangerous terrain checks.  Shawn's dice are against him.  He loses 5 Plaguebearers from right squad.  Two from far squad. About 7 from Bloodletters.  Skulltaker and Epidemius are fine.

Bottom of first

Top of second.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  22 Scarabs.  Imotekh gets lightning.  Nothing sticks.  The flanks of Wraiths are good after I think about the battle.  At the time I was thinking they would've been better in the middle then spread to respective corners when needed.  The way the Wraiths were might helped me because then Shawn couldn't throw Epidemius into a corner.  Which if I ever run that type of army I'm going to do.  Right Wraiths foot it for 6" so they can use their Jump Pack for assault.  That Hammer of Wraith is awesome.  Skulltaker does two of his instant death attack on Wraiths.  Wraiths save both or as Shawn says "Why roll 4 or 5 when all you need is 3?"  It is at this point I let Shawn know I'm aware of his plan and its a good one.  Shawn doesn't say anything.  Wraiths make quick work of Epidemius.  Firstblood yields me 1 VP.  Then we chat briefly about using Nurgling bases as easy fodder to increase the model kill for Nurgle thus increasing Epidemius's ability to all Nurgle models.  He agrees then says he's almost considering calling it because his plan is done.  I tell him again it's a good plan.

Top of second

Bottom of second.  Ku'Gath, forgeworld Nurgle Greater Daemon, comes down along with some Beasts of Nurgle, Blood Crushers and Fiends of Slaanesh.  Nurglings move.  Plaguebearers assault Wraiths attacking Skulltaker and friends.  Wraiths focus all their attacks on Skulltaker and friends.  They are removed.  Plaguebearers remove one Wraith.  Three Nurglings assault Wraiths.  This helps left flank move closer to the Ku'Gath.  Ku'Gath makes a base of Nurglings.

Bottom of second

Top of third.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  28 Scarabs.  C'Tan castles with Orikan.  Imotekh gets lightning.  Blood Crushers take a wound.  Necron warriors and Cryptek rapid fire at Beasts.  They take a wound.  Left Wraith flank assault Ku'Gath.  He takes two wounds.  Wraiths hack away at the Plaguebearers.  Scarabs assault the corner models.  Disorganised charge every daemon over there.  Some took wounds going through difficult terrain.  Beasts are bothered by difficult terrain.  Rolled 11 for assault.  All but one were able to get into H2H, hand-to-hand, with daemons.  Shawn says that Scarabs couldn't reach the Blood Crushers.  Mentioned to him yeah.  He measures.  There's a two inch gap between the table and Beast of Nurgle.  He tried to plan for that but didn't work out.  Praise him for tactics.  Wounds are exchanged only Scarab bases are removed.  Told him that that corner is going to be stuck in H2H til the end of the game.  Spyders will head over and start adding scarabs to the fun.  Shawn uses hit and run and pulls Fiends out.  Great idea!

Top of third

Bottom of third.  Daemon Prince comes on flying.  Other Prince continues to have a beer.  Ku'Gath makes another base of Nurglings.  Fiends assault Necrons with Cryptek.  Take four down.  One Fiend remains due to dangerous terrain checks and H2H with Necron and Cryptek.  Cryptek's Leadership isn't enough.  Rolled 8 needed 7.  They fall back 11 inches.  They are off the board and out of the game.  Ku'Gath is removed from the table.  Purge the Alien 2 VP for Slaying Warlord.  Wraiths consolidate.  Wraiths continue to work on Plaguebearers.  Battle fatigue is beginning to show.  Battle fatigue is also showing on daemons on corner.  One Beast goes down.  Wounds are being spread to other models.  More Scarab Bases off the table.

Bottom of third

Top of fourth.  Imotekh doesn't get lightning even with Chronometron.  No more lightning til maybe 5th turn.  About to start moving models around and lining up Wraiths coming to help Scarabs, get Spyders near Scarabs to provide reinforcements is when Shawn calls it.  He mentions the game was done for him when Epidemius went down.  Told him it was a great idea if you can get Epidemius somewhere he can't be reached.  Shawn mentions he wanted the Bloodletters to be a shield.  The Wraiths would have to go through them first.  Agreed.  He mentioned the footing it for 6" then jump pack didn't help.  I agreed.  Talked a little shop, painting his Eldar.  Talked little about his daemon list.

Top of fourth

slainte mhath

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