Friday, August 10, 2012

6th ed Necron 1850 army list v1.2

Wanted to share some tactics of my army.  a.k.a. bored and trying to occupy my time.

Back at the army list again.

Here's my present 1850 Necron list.



3 Crypteks.  2 Transmorgrification with tremorstaves and 1 Eternity with chronometron

2x 5 Necron Warriors

C'tan writhing worldscape and swarm of spirit dust

2x 6 Canoptek Wraiths 6x whip coils

10 Canoptek Scarabs

2x 3 Canoptek Spyders

The addition of the wraiths have really helped this list.  They bring the fight to the enemy and happily do their work with little resistance.  As an unexpect bonus they draw a lot of attention which helps out my spyders and scarabs.

Before I was having a hard time of creating scarabs while trying to be offensive buying myself time for my scarab army.  It wasn't working.  Was easily being crushed, as you can tell from BatRep's, battle reports.  Now I think I have found a balance between the three parts of my army.

Part One: Orikan and C'tan Writhing Worldscape "The trick"

Together these guys hinder the enemies first round of movement.  Tanks are immobilised on a 1 or 2.  Jump units have double the chance of taking a wound.  This allows the Wraiths to move into difficult terrain tempting enemies to assault them.  Writhing Worldscape punishes anyone who thinks this is a good idea.  Haven't had anyone fall for it yet.

Part Two: Canoptek Spyders and Scarabs "The fun"

Love these guys.  The sigh from my opponent as I add 6 three wounds 4 attacks bases at the beginning of each movement phase is delightful.  This is target saturation.  Does the opponent focus fire on ever growing  unit of scarabs or spyders generating the scarabs?  Coupled with other distractions /cough part three /cough and restricted moving the opponent shouldn't have a chance to deal with these til turn two at the earliest.  That means they are facing either 16 or 22 Scarab bases depending if you go first or not.  If they don't focus on scarabs means there will be 28 scarab bases in turn three.  If you need to be aggressive with spyders and scarabs.  Scarabs are beasts and move 12" a turn.  They are not hindered by difficult terrain.  They re-roll one or both dice when they run or assault.  I would not want to be on the receiving end of a 28 base strong Scarab unit.  Or 34 if I was being distracted by something else.  Speaking of distraction onto part three.

Part Three:  Canoptek Wraiths "The workhorse"

While I love the spyders and scarabs but I'm constantly stepping out on them with wraiths.  Damn, these guys are awesome.  They're a giver.  Giving the pain.  6 strength, 2 wounds, 2 attacks, 3+ invulnerable save.  Add in Whip Coils and it drags models in base-to-base down to Initiative 1.  Even those Grey Knights with Nemesis Force Halberd.  Check FAQ.  Jump pack used to get into assault gives you enough attacks to remove models practically ensuring wraiths drag down those who were unfortunate enough to live past the Hammer of Wrath.  Instead of being crushed by the weight of the initiative 10 they are sliced, rended and reduced to their constituent parts.  These guys are the workhorse of my army.  I don't have a 1850 army.  I have 540 point army with 1310 points worth of cheerleaders.  I really want to bring in a third squad of wraiths to really give the pain.  But I can't stand to lose my scarabs yet.  Nevermind it would mess with my diorama plan I have for pre-adepticon tournament.  I will be getting a lot of points next year for painting and conversions.

Tactics.  Spyders generate scarabs every turn.  Scarabs can either chill in your deployment zone growing stronger.  Or you can start with your spyders infront and move scarabs past the spyders.  Both can run because neither can shoot.  Be careful though you need your spyders within 6" to add scarabs to the swarm.  You add a scarab within unit coherency of the squad.  So you can cheat and add the new base to the front of the line giving you over 3" of "free" movement.  Not really free.  The swarm grows in size as it moves across the field.  Remember scarab can only appear within unit coherncy of a scarab that was there from the turn before.  You can't add a new scarab to a new scarab.

Before this happens you have to let your girls run free.  Go wraith wings.  Can set them up on same side or separate.  I prefer separate in case my opponent gets the idea of moving stuff away from wraiths.  Since wraiths don't have guns.  Run them.  Don't use jump pack for run.  Keep it for Movement or Assault.  First turn should be jump 12 then run 1-6.  Second turn will hopefully be footing it for 6" then jump packing into assault introducing yourself via Hammer of Wrath.

What does Orikan, C'Tan and Imotekh do besides soak up a lot of points?  Nothing really.  They do soak up a lot of points.  Well Orikan is good for first turn Temporal Snares.  C'Tan is good to make all difficult dangerous for your opponent.  Imotekh.  He gives you the Crypteks with Tremorstaves so you're using Writhing Worldscape the entire game.  Certain don't want that Dreadnought or Landraider getting any closer.  Don't want those jump units using their Hammer of Wrath on you.  Because, frankly that is just unfair.

slainte mhath

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