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12.10.20 1275 Necrons vs Chaos Space Marines

Finally another 40k battle.  It has been a while since I've rolled them bones with Bryan.  I miss him.  I believe Bryan and I have a new philosophy on playing 40k .  Some of you may not approve.  Personally it speaks to me as an individual.

Completely forgot about Look Out, Sir!  Still stuck in 5th ed.

Several years ago a friend of mine, Dylan, was talking to me to my b-day party.  He talked to me about how I taught him what Warhammer really is about.  As I've eluded to in previous posts.  Several years ago I wasn't a fun player.  This was back in 95.  Was a mean, rules lawyer player.  Wasn't a pleasant opponent.  Which of course figured itself out, people wouldn't play me.  Wasn't til later that I became a far more friendly player.  Also became a very giving player.  Allowing more shots when questionable line of sight.  Saying to re-roll dice.  This is when Dylan told me that I taught him how to play.  Play to have fun.  To enjoy the time with another gamer.  To not worry about your army and laugh with a fellow 40k'er.

After our recent Friday RPG game we talked about 40k and how we want to enjoy the game.  One of our gamers, 40k guru of our group, said 97% of players don't play competitively.  I told him if we only play the 3% of players that do then we can't help but play competitively.  The jist of the conversation is that we are a little tired of building competitive lists that are designed to win.  We don't get a chance to use the models we want because we will get spanked on the board.  That's when I brought up the idea that Bryan and I can simply agree to play for fun instead of competitively.

Don't get me wrong competitively can be and is fun.  There is a different tone to the game when you're building and using your list to purposely destroy your opponent's army as fast as possible.  When that isn't your goal there is a different tone to the game and mentality of the player.  Plus side.  Using different units allows you to think differently about how to achieve your goal.  Would love nothing better than to use three C'tan on the field.  That is a point sink you wouldn't get a good return on when using in a competitive list.

Met at The Source because Fantasy Flight is closed on Mondays.

Wore my Higgin's Moon Mudders Milk t-shirt purchased at CONvergence.

Bryan's army.

Chaos Space Marine Nurgle.

Typhus, nurgle daemon prince, nurgle dreadnought, two rhinos, two 10 plague marines one with two flamers other with two plasma, havoc squad two lascannons two heavy bolters.

My army.

Necrons, again.

Destroyer Lord, C'tan Writhing Worldscape and Sentient Singularity, C'tan Times Arrow and Lord of Fire, two 5 Necron Warriors, 6 Wraiths with whip coils and 5 Destroyers.

Mission: Crusade.  Deployment: Vanguard.

Won roll off decided to deploy first and go first.  Bryan attempts to steal initiative, doesn't succeed.  At least he tried.

There are three objectives.  Bryan places one on far side of board in difficult terrain marsh like.  I place two on my side one on rocks and other in same type of terrain on my side of the board.  Plan is to remove Chaos troops as quick as possible to deny him from capturing objectives.  Then let the magic of Destroyer Lords with Wraiths play in his backyard while two C'tan arrive.

Board set up

Chaos Space Marines


Chose this corner because Chaos Space Marines would only have one wall to hide behind instead of several.  I'll be bringing the fight to them.  Big problem with my deployment is Destroyers are too far back.  They should've been right behind the Wraiths so I can get a round of shooting it.  Because of my poor deployment I missed out on one round of shooting.  Won't let that happen again.

Necron deploy

Chaos Space Marine deployment.  One wall to hide behind and manuever around to take on these guys. Two 10 Plague Marines are in Rhinos.

Chaos Space Marines deploy

Top of first.  This is where I learn I deployed my Destroyers too far back.  One 5 Necron Warriors already on one Objective on tall hill on left.  Won't move them for the rest of the game.  If they get shot at they will go to ground for 4+ cover.  Other 5 Necrons move through difficult and capture second Objective.  They will also go to ground for 4+ cover save if shot at.  Run everything to help close that distance to get into H2H, hand-to-hand.

Top of first

Bottom fo first.  Bryan does something completely unexpected.  I think he's learning. /wink  He pulls back.  Everything.  Gives him that much more distance to avoid H2H.  Nicely done, Bryan!  I was impressed.  Took some snap fire shots but nothing sticked.  One Wraith takes a wound from the Dreadnought.

Bottom of first

Top of second.  Move everything closer.  Destroyer Lord and Wraiths are going to be in H2H next turn.  Everything runs except troops they stay on objectives.

Top of second

Bottom of second close up.  Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought loses control of himself and goes rushing into H2H.

Close up of H2H bottom of second

Bottom of second.  Round of shooting takes a Wraith.  Those Lascannons are pretty rough.  Plague Marines come out of their Rhino's.  One marine goes poof when using a flamer near C'tan with Lord of Fire.  A whole lot of nothing for Wraiths attack on Dreadnought.  Do need to roll a 6 for Rending.  Which would be a guarrantee Penetrating hit.  Str 6 roll 6 then d3 extra for AP.  Min 13 > 12 = Pentration.  Won't have it though.  Forgot Destroyer Lords Preferred Enemy.  Lord doesn't do anything either.  Wraith save Dreadnoughts attack.  This is where I remember LoS, Look Out, Sir!  Should've kept the Destroyer Lord in front.  Could've used 2+ armour sv against anything except Ap 2 stuff.  When those shots occur simply LoS it to a Wraith who's invulnerable save would've handled it better.  Still stuck in 5th ed mentality of using troops.

Bottom of second

Top of third.  Necrons finally move in to do something.  Should've deployed Wraiths in marsh terrain in the middle of the Vanguard deployment instead of so far left.  Probably could've been in H2H top of bottom of second.  Two rounds wasted.  Typhus takes a wound from the Destroyers.  Moving C'tans forward.  Run one other Assaults Nurgle Daemon Prince.  C'tan Time's Arrow Daemon Prince.  Prince rolls a 5 poof its removed from play.  Firstblood 1 VP.  First and probably last time that will ever happen.  Consolidates into Chaos Marines line farther.  Lord destroys a weapon and immobilises Dreadnought.  Now it has one less attack.

Top of third

Bottom of thirTime is running short.  Source closes at 9pm.  Won't be able to fnish the game.  Typhus and Plague Marines assault Lord and Wraiths.  No wounds from Difficult Terrain made Dangerous because of C'tan.  Lord takes Dreadnought down.  Typhus would've landed a deamon weapon instant death blow to the Lord.  Plague Marines get 4 attacks on a charge!  Unfortunately time to wrap up.  Not sure how it would've turned out.  As Bryan said was looking like a good match though.

Bottom of third

Necron warriors on one objective

Necron warriors on another objective

Far table view

From Chaos Space Marine's corner

slainte mhath

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