Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to paint checker pattern

Here are a couple of pics how to paint checker patterns.  Hoping to do a few more and get more contrasting colours.

Solid colour Scorpion Green.

After basing grab your thin paint brush.  Here I used size 5/0.

This is a little difficult to see because of how light both colours are.  After blocking in your new colour.  You will need to go back to your first colour and push back the second colour.  Key thing with checker patterns is making sure the corners meet.  That the colours don't infringe too much into neighbours space.

Here's an example of checker patterns with more contrasting colours for a better idea of what to do and better what not to do.

Thought about doing black and white but figured red would be a better.  Start with your grid.
If you have a large tattoo or are familiar with patterns on fabric you know how some places stretch while others don't do to the contour of the body.  This is something to keep in mind when painting checker patterns.  You'll notice how the right side of body is more stretched than left side.  This is helpful for a painter.  You can make some mistakes but nothing overboard.

Then start blocking in.  It doesn't matter which colour you start with.  As mentioned before lighter colours over darker will be a pain to cover up.  Dark colours over lighter will still be a pain when you have clean up lighter.  So far I have not found a "win."  No doubt some advance painter has.  Hopefully someday I will.  If you have some tips please drop some education on me.  When painting checkers always paint adjacent.  Don't anticipate what square you'll be blocking in next.  Did this a couple of times with my olde Harlequins.  Will probably do it with new Harlequins.

Everything is blocked in except the blatant mistake.

As we know the reason why checker patterns work is because the tips of the adject colour get very close to each other but never touch.

Unless you've done this A Lot or are extremely prepared you will be going back to cover up the second colour.

On this episode of "being arrogant and thinking I could handle it with a wet brush."  Yep, this is what I get for going to fast and not slowing down.  Blob of white on red.  Now to clean that up.

Cleaned up and looking good.  Since this is a commission job which the client doesn't want a lot of detail I've curbed my OCD while painting these patterns.  For the most part it works.  Yes it can be greatly improved upon.  Have to keep my client and my time in mind.  For my Harlequins, damn.

Based Surf Aqua.

Hawk Turquoise lines.
Caledor Sky.

Scorpion Green for other half.

After filling the checker/diamond pattern the Hawk Turquoise wasn't standing out as much as I wanted.  Decided to use Flash Gitz Yellow as lines.

Hopefully this has been helpful.

slainte mhath

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  1. Nice would work good for mess grating on bases too.


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