Monday, December 10, 2012

How to clean resin (Forgeworld and Finecast) a.k.a. Use soap, ya dirty hippy

There are many that know about the release material used for molds.  Basically each mold is lubricated with a material that prevents the cast from sticking to the mold so it can be removed easily.  Akin it to vegetable oil when making an omelet.

Remember when washing your bits always listen to your iPod.  Also when washing your bits make sure you use soap.  The one stray piece outside the bucket is the piece which will be used to compare wash and unwashed bits for painting.  Not nearly as a climatic as I wanted.

Add some hot water.  Grab an olde toothbrush and dive right in.  Time to start scrubbing your bits.

Nice and soapy.  Your bit is clean, relaxed and quite refreshed.

All clean now time for drying.  Paint doesn't like wet surface for some reason.

Dried and ready for next step.

Left door is unwashed.

You'll notice how the red and black both break up on the bottom on the left door.  Right door no problem.  The problem isn't with one coat.  It's with multiple coats because second doesn't hold to release resin.

Karandras's Chainsword is covered with two coats of Burnished Gold and still water and oil occurred.   Needed to hit it with two more coats til finally it stuck.

slainte mhath

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