Monday, December 17, 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers Painting part 1

Finally time to paint these guys.  Been looking forward to this for sometime.  Not having these guys glued to their bases has really bothered me.  Feel like they are a model now.

Accenting colours for my Purifiers.  Ended up switching Snot Green and Dark Angels Green.  This is an idea Bryan came up with sometime last year.  During one of our games I was wondering about how to combat squad my Purifiers without mixing the models up.  He suggested different colours for bolters and helmets or shoulders.  Was an idea I moth-balled until putting them on their bases Sat night.  Really liked the half-red/half-white theme on Grey Knights.  Then figured accents would be half-red and other half different colour.

Close up of Snot Green accent.

Same side of backpacks to match.
Dark Angels Green

Storm Blue

Enchanted Blue

Dheneb Stone

Army Painter Mat White.

All accenting done.  Time for the rest of my Grey Knights colour.

Wasn't til painting red that I realized there's only one Knight of the Flame per squad of 10.  Originally had one of each squad of five with red on their halberd.  Rest of the squad will have lightning like the ones Spikey Bits did.  Really like how he did lightning on his Purifiers.  Knight of the Flame halberd will have flames.

Now Knights of the Flame are marked.  The best of each 10 man squad.

Do you have a flag?  You can't be a country without a flag?  I'm going over here and eat more leafs cause I'm an evil Giraffe.  Alcatraz.  You know what a squirrel doesn't do.  It doesn't stop eating and ask if it left the stove on.  No I'm a f'ing squirrel. Right side of Storm Bolter Blood Red.

Separate plates on armour and left side of backpack accented Blood Red.

I'm leaning toward to painting the armour alabaster to match the fluff.

slainte mhath

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