Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers painting part 4

First of two four day weekends.  Planned on painting all day yesterday but Shawn had a better idea.  Get together for a game.  Deal.  Woke up.  Had a couple of hours to paint.  Enough time to do more detail on the Purifiers.

Blood Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, for final Grey Knight accent.

These guys are really coming together.  There is still a lot of detail including painting the armour alabaster.  Bit by bit the squads will come together.  When it comes to painting I prefer to assembly line paint them.  Meaning if there is more than one model of the same type that is going to get a colour I hit all of them before moving to the next colour.  At times it seems like your painting a lot of models and you aren't making any progress.  As with everything, patience in all things.

Blood Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet is done.

Onto next colour.  Army Painter Mat Black for power cords and armour flex points.  Found a couple places I missed that were supposed to be red.  Glad I caught them now instead of five colours from now.

One of six done.

Two of six.

Three of six.

Four of six.

slainte mhath

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