Friday, December 14, 2012

Grey Knight Psyflemen part 2 a.k.a. pegging Psyflemen

Get your minds out of the gutters.  I know you want to, or be, pegged.  You twisted F.  This is not the pegging you thought of.  So go ahead and relax in disappointment.

Instead of magnetizing I decided to pin the psyflemen.  Figured why would I want models placed on the bases.  Then remembered something Shawn said about my Dark Eldar Raiders.

Pinned and ready to go.

Done.  After using some soap to wash off the release material.

Some card stock from blick and bases to know where to cut out.

Circles.  Everyone loves circles.

Enlightenment is the key.

Third free hand was easier and looks better than previous two.

Card stock sprayed with Jon Kovaliks black.

There's only one side.

Bestial Brown and Dark Angels Green for "damage."

Watered down Boltgun Metal for third colour.  Will put these down in place where Dreadnought was wrecked.  You may cover over our symbol but we are never gone.

As you can see the base covers the wrecked template easily.

slainte mhath


  1. Looks good. -LT

    1. Thanks, LT. Those guys were super fun to make.


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