Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Keep Transport Doors Up

Do you have a problem keeping it up?  Yeah, I'm talking to you, Stormraven.  It's ok to admit there's a problem.

This door gave me so much more problems with than the previous two.

After adding three drops of superglue to each side of the frame to provide a "lock" for the rear door of this Rhino it still didn't want to play well with others.  Since I was picking up yet more materials for the airbrush that is still in its box I decided to take a cue from Ron at From the Warp.  Poster tac, baby.

Seems the key with only using one drop of superglue for the lock is to assemble the Rhino correctly.  My first Rhino is solid and doesn't need anything to hold the read door closed.  Somehow my second and third are wobbly.  On a surface you can tilt them back and forth.  Somehow I assembled them twisted.  Second door stays closed because of the drop of superglue.  Third nope.  The youngest and most rebellious of the bunch.  If you decide to use superglue for the lock, I suggest you put a drop near one of the corners.  Leave door open for awhile.  Say an hour.  Superglue only works without air.  It slowly dries when in direct contact with air.  Modellers fingers around the world prove this.  Because the drop is slowly drying it also becomes tacky.  So when you do close the door you can actually wedge the drop into the shape you want.

You can see the multiple drops of superglue and elmer's glue.  I wasn't F'ing around anymore.  Placed a healthy, too healthy, blob in the upper right hand corner.  Now door stays closed.

Plus side is its poster tac.  So it keeps its stickiness.  Finally I'm a happy camper.  Think I will end up cutting off the excess.

slainte mhath

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