Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers part 3

The rare Sat post.  If my gaming group continues as it has these might become regular.  Though I'd probably try to find a different group to join.  Have to bring my friend Joe into the group.

Bits and pieces.  Squad 3 of 6.

Plan model the least liked features first.  Using the best features later.  Looked through the chest pieces and heads and made notes which squad would get what.  Figured this would also help me save time when I put together the other three squads.

Uh, oh.  Missing two heads and two backpacks for this squad.  Not sure where they went.  Looked at the previous two squads to see if they were there.  Kind of surprised because had similar issues when putting together my Noir Engel army.  Quick placed an order for two sets of heads and backpacks from Spikey Bits.  Figured they'd arrive before I'd start painting.  
In order to keep the squads Force Halberds looking the same have to do some cutting.

Clippers to cut off hands.

Clipped off what I could.  Now for the knife to cut off the rest.

Mostly cut off.  Now to shave that which remains.  Smooth those bumps out.  Used an olde modelling blade back and forth shaving off the excess.

Can see where it is smoothed out with only a few parts that remain.  Anymore shaving and I'll start messing with the plane.

Ah, found them (added to upper left corner.)  Decided to look through my boxes.  Yep there they are.  Didn't look through all the boxes.  That is what I get for not following my system.  I pull bits out one box at a time.  Going through each box cutting out specific bits.  It is time consuming.  Hey the things we do when we're modeling.

I always drill out the muzzle of Imperial weapons.

Finally construction time.

They balance well especially for having Psycannons weighting them down.

Halberds are exactly the same but it works.  The feet are flat.  None of the heels are lifting off the ground.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Looking sharp, squad Delta or Beta 2.  This gives me an idea.  Perhaps I should paint Greek letters on the back of their bases.

Three out of six done.

Plan on spending all day tomorrow putting together my Grey Knights.  Might be done with my Purifiers by then.

slainte mhath

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