Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rules of the Game 6th ed: Wrecked, Insane Heroism and Plasma Grenades

Picked a few things and finally something I've been waiting for quite some time occurred.

Chaos Chosen Space Marine all by himself in the world.

Effect of Damage on Passengers; fourth bullet point; Wrecked 40k6 pg 80.

The passengers must immediately disembark in the usual manner (see pg 79), save that they must end their move wholly within 3", rather than 6".

Context: War Walkers wrecked a Rhino 10 Chosen were within.  With the multiple editions of 40k going on inside my head I learned something new.  They don't remain their like in 5th.  They now disembark.

Regrouping; second bullet point 40k6 pg 31.

If less than 25% of a unit's models are still alive than the Leadership test can only be passed with an Insane Heroism result of double 1. The exception to this is regrouping when assaulted (see right).

p.s. I've been waiting for this rule for quite sometime.

Context:  After Fire Prism, Falcon, one Striking Scorpion and Guardians fired into Chosen that wiped out War Walkers.  One Chosen remained and it was time to roll double 1's or keep lose his head (corrected per Narric's suggestion).

Plasma Grenades 40k6 pg 62.

Assault Models equipped with plasma grenades don't suffer the penalty to their Initiative for charging enemies through cover, but fight at their normal Initiative step in ensuing combat.

Context: Eldrad and Harlequins assaulted Chosen sitting on objective.  Chubbs asked if they fight at their Initiatve.  I was stumped.  He asked if they had assault grenades.  Now I was a bit stumped.  Looked up wargear and said Plasma.  He asked if they were assault grenades.  The guy knows his rules I'll give him that.  Quick look up in book and yes they are.

Quick note.  Thanks to Gonewild and Tyson for their kind words regarding these posts.  Was talking to Shawn about these posts last night.  He said he likes that there are page numbers.  Thank you for reading.

slainte mhath


  1. Didn't you mean: " roll double 1's or lose his head."
    You've implied he didn't need the test in first place :P

    I definately agree with the other guys, these posts are extremely useful. Have you considered making a boomark/tab that links them all together?

    1. Doh! You're right. Will make the correction.

      Damn! What a great idea. Consider it done. Think one of those things at the top under the header above the posts. Now to figure out how to do that.

    2. I use it myself. Its in the Layout section of the Blog Dashboard.

    3. Done. Thanks for the suggestion.


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