Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grey Knight Purifiers part 4

Was able to put together two more squads of Purifiers today.  Last will be tomorrow.

Bits for squad Beta alpha.

Resisted embracing my OCD and allowed the halberds to remain as they then making them be the same height.

Squad Beta alpha complete.

Four of six done.

Bits for squad Alpha beta.

Have to agree with Natfka.  Grey Knights are a pain.  They only want to be put together one way.  Think I have finally figured out it.  /crosses fingers  When it comes to halberds I think its best to put the arm with the Storm Bolter on last.

Unlike the halberds I think its easier to put the solo arm on first for Psycannons.  I'm jonesing to paint these f'ers.

Glue the arm to the Psycannon so that the top of the hand aligns with the bottom of the panel on the wrist.
Once again refused to embrace my OCD and let the halberds at different heights go.

Squad Alpha beta complete.

Five of six complete.

slainte mhath

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