Monday, December 3, 2012

Grey Knight Psyflemen part 1

Normally I do these models last.  Guess I was excited to do them.

Thanks to Shawn for buying me these.  Thanks to Natfka for the tip regarding the cheapest way to get twin-linked Autocannons.

Really love the Grey Knight Dreadnought body from Forgeworld.

One down two to go.

Magnetized Autocannons for that weapon destroyed result.

Looking good.  The Autocannons tilted up reminds me of Battlestar Galactica defensive guns rotating and providing firing solution.

Each Autocannon is drilled for the specific side of the body.  Drilled holes at the bottom of Autocannons and body to know which goes where.

Had some extra time on my hands last evening.  It was either catch up on some Jon Stewart Daily Show or put together Dreadnought legs.  Legs it was.  Grazie to Shawn again.

Bits and stuff.

All dreadnoughts will have same left leg armour.  Right armour is different.  From left to right: plain, words, ribbons.

Apparently the venerable powerpack doesn't like the Forgeworld body.  Have to cut off bit on the bottom.

Before cut.

After cut.  Much better.

Have an idea what I want to do with the bodies and legs.  Thinking magnets.  Put a thumb tac or nail in waist and magnet on body so the body can be removed when wrecked or destroyed.  Leaving legs and base were the model was.

slainte mhath

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