Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ballistic Skill of 6 or Better vs Snap Shots at Flyers

Bryan came up with a great question regarding Snap Shots and high Ballistic Skill.

Context: During last nights game when Cyclone Missile Launchers were Snap Shooting at Razorwing he thought about high Ballastic Skill and re-roll and how they work with Snap Shots and Flyers.

As the chart says with a 6 or high Ballastic Skill you have a chance to hit on a second roll if your first misses.  Question he came up with was.  How does that work with Snap Fire?  Do you still need a 6 to hit with the re-roll due to possessing a high Ballistic Skill?

Example for high Ballistic Skill has firer with BS 7, rolling a 1.  The re-roll would hit on a 5 or better.

Flyers can only be hit by Snap Shots 40k6 pg 81 under Hard To Hit.

Looks like the devil is truly in the details with this one.

40k6 pg 13 Snap Shots.  Specifically bolded text.

If a model is forced to make Snap Shots rather than shoot normally, then its Ballastic Skill is counted as being 1 for the purpose of those shots

So your awesome Independent Character model with high BS (without Skyfire) can't re-roll when they miss because they possess a BS of 1 when performing Snap Shots.

This was a great rule to look up and learn.

slainte mhath


  1. So some ways to deal with flyers are:
    Flyers of your own
    Psyker power divination Puppet Master
    Twin-linking, possibly through psyker power divination Prescience(sp?)
    Preferred enemy
    I guess you can horde out and block table space for the flyer's base, but that is hard to do
    Positional move of your army that limits the flyer from hurting you (like making the flyer fly past you, and it can only turn 90 degrees afterwards so can't hit you with weapons)

    1. We should make you a contributor, Suijin. I believe there are a lot of people looking for solid information about Sisters. And you have a lot of info.

    2. Yeah, but like many things are many variables to how you could play them, the first that comes to mind is <2000 pts and >= 2000 pts but there are more ways if you factor in allies, FW models, etc.

      You are right though that something should be done up.

      It and Black Templars are I think currently the only codices that you can't buy from GW at all in any form. SoB are certainly one of the last metal figure lines, but they have started to convert some of the models over (the ones shared with GK).

    3. Oh nevermind BT have a section under generic SM like DA, so SoB are the army to not have a codex you can buy from GW.

    4. Great. We'll talk tonight about getting you on the blog tonight.


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