Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random modelling tips

Had a few things I've been meaning to do model-wise and a little bit of time last night to do them.  Really need to get back on the wagon and start doing Shawn's Eldar again.  Hopefully will start and finish his Shadowseer this weekend.  Preferrably in one sitting.  Really looking forward to that model.

Onto random tips.

Say you magnetized your weapons and not sure where to place them.  You certainly don't want to lose those little bits.  Glue magnets to the base.  If the base is already finished put a magnet on the stem.

If you're like me who likes to have squads extremely similar but with one crucial detail that differentiates them this may help.  I have two Dark Eldar Wyche squads.  One has purple other green.  However when the gaming store is closing and you need to pack your toys away quickly but the OCD in you is slowing everything down, check this out.  I put a dash of white paint on the green squads base so I can eyeball them quickly and know where they go.  Also helps when you're two Wyche squads get into the same assault.

Your Dark Eldar Scourges may have a habit of tipping over.

I brilliantly decide to use superglue to adhere metal wire knock outs to plastic bases.  Sometimes I'm not completely on the ball.  Correction, often.  /wink

As I was putting away Scourges the metal knock outs fall off because it doesn't care what superglue thinks.  Used some poster tac as the adhesive.

They are stable once again.  Hopefully much longer than last time.  Might need to press the piece of metal on and move it around to really press the poster tac onto each surface.

You have multiple squads of Dark Eldar Warriors like the Wyches are painted extremely similar.  You have the same problem when store is closing "Where do these models go again?"  Or you have multiple squads of Dark Eldar Warriors and you want to make sure you have the right members with the squad.  Painted 10 on the back of these bases so I know these are a part of 10 Warrior squad.
Say you have the same problem with MSU, multiple small units.  Each squad has a Sabarite and a Blaster.  Here I differentiated the squad by putting a 5- and 5+ to know which model goes with which unit.  Will end up painting the shoulders of the 5- with Dark Angels Green to match the colours of my Dark Eldar army.

You've come this far with your OCD why not embrace it fully.  So you mark the carry case which unit goes where to help you pack your mess quickly because Dave really wants to close the store and go home.

Same goes for your layer of Warriors.

OK this is just unfortunate.  Fragile-cast broke in the carry case and Vect lost his Spectre of the Dark City.  Had to pin it on.

When making a terribly fancy base you have to secure the model to it instead of just using superglue.  This is the sixth? Purifier that has fallen off their base.  Decided to pin the foot to the base.  So far no issues with those pinned to their bases.  /crosses fingers

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