Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grey Knights Rhinos part 3

Last Rhino to put together before basecoating.  Painting is so close I can taste it!

Last side doors.  Finally figured out how do this easily.  Has to happen on last set of doors.  Next time I do this I'll probably forget how easily I did this.

The previous two Rhinos bugged me.  Something about the top doors just didn't sit right with me.  While putting the third together I "flipped" the top hatch.  It looked better.  Much better.  Pulled out the instructions.  Reading is in this season.

Great thing about not gluing previous top hatches I can correct the mistake made on two Rhinos.  Why would the handle be on the outside, see pic above,?  Plus the doors actually sit in correctly.  Instead of going farther into the cabin.  Finally they stop moving and don't become a decline.

I Really want to paint a connecting design across all three.  Would need big dozer plates for that.  Perhaps I can paint some weird Inquisition "I" sideways across these three.  F it!  I'm damn sure I'll do it.  I've always wanted to do something like that.

Finally top hatches open at 90 degrees.  Before I flipped the doors they would open to about 70.

It is at this point I realized how ridiculous it would be to take a pic of all sides with doors open.

Three of three done.  Onto basecoating.  Damn I want to use these guys.  I am HOURS away from putting them on the field.

slainte mhath

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