Sunday, December 9, 2012

Harlequins completed

Finally done with these guys.  As I was getting close to the end my patience for painting them was quickly dissolving.

Every clown received a little Surf Aqua.

Sampled this at Autumn Brew Review 12.  This is delicious root beer.  After having about 4 samples in a row the people at the booth said they were selling it.  Bought two bottles.  The people at the booth were curious where I was going to store them because I didn't have a bag or backpack.  The pockets in my Mocker Utilikilt were large enough to hold both.  Need to get a hold of this company so I can buy more.  One bottle left.  Probably will drink it during my Christmas Eve tradition.

Touch up of yellow and white.  Fix mistakes here and there.

Flip Belts Burnished Gold.  Troupe Master base Dheneb Stone.  Only to realize during the rest of the touch up that all harlequins have some sort of base.

All clown rocks Dheneb Stone.

Pendents and charms Chainmail.

Close of up pendent and charms.

Wanted to do something with the masks.  Remembered Shawn's words.  Don't spend a lot of time on them.  Drybrushed Chainmail.

Close up of mask.

Clown rock bases washed with Gryphonne Sepia.

Flocked.  Harlequins are a world apart from Craftworld Eldar.  Gave them a different but similar flocking.
Critique away. 

slainte mhath

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