Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prince Yriel completed

Total time painting him, 9 hours.

Decided to break convention and use Caledor Sky for something other than orbs/bulbs/waystones.  Top corner banner Caledor Sky.

Shawn's favourite colour, Reaper Surf Aqua, for the army the other half of the banner.  Other banner Army Painter Mat Black.

Strip at top and embroidery Flash Gitz Yellow.

Army Painter Strong Tone, Devlin Mud, to provide embroidery depth.  Wasn't sure how I was going to pull out the glyphs.  Paint in between them?  Then it hit me, wash.

Spear of Twilight tassels based Vermin Brown then light additions of Ubshabti Bone.

Finally painted the tips of the banners Brassy Brass.

Watered down Boltgun Metal for base of Spear of Twilight.  Then Chainmail highlight on edges creeping up blade.  Keeping it someone close to the codex.

Mithril Silver for last highlight.  Water down Boltgun Metal to clean up where paint was in excess.

Golden Yellow for Eldar glyphs.  Brassy Brass for emblems oval.

Chainmail for Eldar eye.

Also wasn't sure where to go from here for the emblem.  Then it hit me again.  Wash.  Heavy, very heavy, wash of Army Painter Strong Tone.

Rocks at base Dheneb Stone.

Tyranid bit Blood Red.

The emblem is drying nicely.  Already looks great.  Purple wash for Tyranid bit.

Then Magenta wash to clean up Purple wash and make it look more streaky.

Gryphonne Sepia wash over rocks on base.  I'm really digging that look.

Was missing an important detail on Yriel in the codex.  One of the tassels has a Regal Blue stripe.  Built up more Ubshabti Bone over Vermin Brown to match the codex.

Remedied.  Much better.

He's done.  Damn he was a fun model.  Can't wait til I paint mine.  Probably won't be for years.  Flocked him the standard material for Shawn's Eldar.

Critique away

slainte mhath

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