Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry pre-Boxing Day (Grey Knights Purifiers painting part 6)

Had a couple of hours to work on my Purifiers yesterday before visiting my Loves family for Christmas Eve.  Today we hit mine.  Turkey day is far easier.  Two families one day.  No driving all over God's winter earth like Eve and Christmas.

From H2Lat40k to you: Have a relaxing day doing exactly what you want.  I would be painting if I could.  SG owns these pics.  Used without permission.  No challenge intended.  Out of the 11.2G of SG pics I have only 5 albums were winter/christmas related.  Thought there would be more.

If Santa brought you presents may they be filled with 40k stuff or whatever table crack you prefer.  My sister wanted to get me something.  Suggested either Draigo or Coteaz.  Not holding my breathe though.

Leviathan Purple wash for all Psyammunition.

When accenting my Purifiers last week sent a couple of pics to Bryan.  He asked "No Daemonhammers for vehicles?"  Never considered to me that my Purifiers would be getting into close combat with tanks.  The two lists I've put together for my Grey Knights aren't close to 1850.  So I put three Daemonhammers in.  Still have 10 points to spend one one list and 19 in the other.  Decided F it.  Daemonhammer it up.  Two in each squad of 10.  Thought about ripping off arms and magnetizing them.  Then considered how much work that might involve nevermind some hands might not line up with wrists.  Then it occurred to me.  Magnetize the weapons themselves.  Scrounged through the GK bit box and found the hammers.  Cut off just the heads.  Did same for blades.  So I can use the halberds when fighting a list that has few armour.  Hammers for armies that have more than a few.

SG owns these pics.  Used without permission.  No challenge intended.

Each is magnetized.  Used 1.5mm magnets from K&J Magnets.

Key thing I learned after magnetizing the first is what you need the connection to be as straight as possible.  Any deviation clearly shows on the weapon tip.  As you'll see with hammer head below.

SG owns these pics.  Used without permission.  No challenge intended.

Little better pic can see how the stack of magnets practically lines up with shaft.

Hammer on right is first attempt and you can see how it tilts forward.  This doesn't happen with halberd blade.  Left is far better.  Little off but nothing to complain about.  Hopefully these will only get better.  The weapon tips are specifically polarized to each staff.  Meaning I can't put the left hammer head on the right shaft and vise versa.

slainte mhath

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