Monday, December 3, 2012

How to make Psyflemen

Quick post how to make magnetized Psyflemen.  Kit bash, baby!

What you'll need: Dreadnought, Autocannons from Aegis Defense Line (I suggest stronghold it is a much better deal), saw, pin vice, 3mm magnets and paper clips.

First problem: Circling the square or Squaring the circle.

Second problem: shortening the arm of the twin-linked Autcannon.

Quick saw work, thanks to Joe, and arm is shortened.
3mm magnet, thanks again, Joe, fits perfectly.

Time to drill the arm socket.
Drilled a little hole for the 3mm drill.

When magnetizing it's important to make sure that you keep the right side of the magnet on the other side.

Magnets and drilled hole for pin so Autocannon doesn't tilt out of place.  Also it stays pointing in one direction.

Pink paper clip pin was poor choice.  Would've stood out more if it was any colour but pink or white.

Arms connected.


slainte mhath

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