Wednesday, December 5, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Out of Sight, Weapon Destroyed and Tesla Arc

Learned a couple of things and finally something I've been waiting for since reading 6th ed happened.

Repetition and redundancy, keys to learning.

40k6 pg 16 Out of Sight.

If there are no visible models in the target unit, all remaining Wounds in the pool are lost and the shooting attack ends.

Context (above pic): Top of second in last nights game War Walkers with Scatter Lasers shoot at Wraiths in middle terrain through a door way.  With 11 wounds in the pool they remove two Wraiths.  There's four wounds left in the pool.  No other models can be seen so attack ends.

40k6 pg 74  Weapon Destroyed.

One of the vehicle's weapons (randomly chosen) is destroyed -- including any combi- or built in weapons.

Context:  Night Scythe damages a Viper.  Shawn teaches me the weapon destroyed is randomly chosen and the shooting player doesn't choose which weapon to destroy like in 5th.  Learned something new.

Necrons Codex 5th ed pg 82 Telsa Arc

Arc: Once the tesla destructor's initial shot has been resolved, roll a D6 for each other unit (friendly and enemy, engaged and unengaged) within 6" of the target.

Context: Night Scythe shot at Viper and Viper made its Jink (40k6 pg 38) save.  Opponent thought if the Jink was successful the arc wouldn't have a chance to hit units within 6". 

slainte mhath

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